January 1981 lunar eclipse

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January 1981 lunar eclipse
Penumbral eclipse
Date20 January 1981
Saros cycle114 (57 of 71)
Penumbral263 minutes, 50 seconds

A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on January 20, 1981. In a rare total penumbral eclipse, the entire Moon was partially shaded by the Earth (though none of it was in complete shadow), and the shading across the Moon should have been quite visible at maximum eclipse. The penumbral phase lasted for 4 hours and 24 minutes in all, though for most of it, the eclipse was extremely difficult or impossible to see.[1]

This was a relatively rare total penumbral lunar eclipse with the moon passing entirely within the penumbral shadow without entering the darker umbral shadow.[2]


Lunar eclipse from moon-1981Jan20.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1981Jan20.png

Related lunar eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

Lunar eclipse series sets from 1980-1984
Descending node   Ascending node
Saros Date
Saros Date
109 1980 Jul 27
Lunar eclipse from moon-1980Jul27.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1980Jul27.png
114 1981 Jan 20
Lunar eclipse from moon-1981Jan20.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1981Jan20.png
119 1981 Jul 17
Lunar eclipse from moon-1981Jul17.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1981Jul17.png
124 1982 Jan 09
Lunar eclipse from moon-1982Jan09.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1982Jan09.png
129 1982 Jul 06
Lunar eclipse from moon-1982Jul06.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1982Jul06.png
134 1982 Dec 30
Lunar eclipse from moon-1982Dec30.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1982Dec30.png
139 1983 Jun 25
Lunar eclipse from moon-1983Jun25.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1983Jun25.png
144 1983 Dec 20
Lunar eclipse from moon-1983Dec20.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1983Dec20.png
149 1984 Jun 13
Lunar eclipse from moon-1984Jun13.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1984Jun13.png
Last set 1980 Aug 26 Last set 1980 Mar 13
Next set 1984 May 26 Next set 1984 Nov 20

Saros series[edit]

Lunar Saros series 114, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, has a total of 71 lunar eclipse events including 13 total lunar eclipses.

First Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 0971 May 13

First Partial Lunar Eclipse: 1115 Aug 07

First Total Lunar Eclipse: 1458 Feb 28

First Central Lunar Eclipse: 1530 Apr 12

Greatest Eclipse of Lunar Saros 114: 1584 May 24

Last Central Lunar Eclipse: 1638 Jun 26

Last Total Lunar Eclipse: 1674 Jul 17

Last Partial Lunar Eclipse: 1890 Nov 26

Last Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 2233 Jun 22

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