Junior Vasquez

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Junior Vasquez
Birth name Donald Gregory Mattern
Born (1949-08-24) August 24, 1949 (age 66)[1]
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres House
Occupation(s) DJ and producer
Years active 1980s–present
Labels Tommy Boy Records
Virgin/EMI Records
Nervous Records

Junior Vasquez, (born Donald Gregory Mattern, August 24, 1949,[1] Lancaster, Pennsylvania), is an American club DJ and remixer/producer.[2]


Madonna controversy[edit]

Vasquez had a public falling out with Madonna in 1996, after the release of an unauthorized single titled "If Madonna Calls". The original version that Vasquez plays at nightclubs contains what is widely believed to be an actual phone message from Madonna left on Vasquez's answering machine.[3]

The song's lyrics are as follows:

(voice recording ostensibly left by Madonna on Vasquez's answering machine at his home in New York):

"Hello, Junior. This is Madonna. Are you there? (short pause) Call me in Miami."

This is followed by the voice of vocal house artist Franklin Fuentes, which says:

"If Madonna calls, I'm not here"

This is followed by hard tribal rhythms, with the samples of the message still playing in the loop of the track, and the male singer repeating the words shown above along with "Hola, Señorita Cosa" ("Hello, Ms. Thing"). Toward the end of the song, the words change and the male voice concludes by saying:

"If Madonna calls…actually, if she calls, just disconnect her. That's right—if she calls, tell her I'm not here."

Personal life[edit]



  • 1998: To the Rhythm
  • 2001: J.M.O. After Service
  • 2003: Junior's Magic Orchestra

Mixed compilations[edit]

  • 1994: The Future Sound Of New York
  • 1994: This Is The Sound Of Tribal
  • 1995: Best of Junior Vasquez: Just Like a Queen
  • 1997: Live, Vol. 1
  • 1998: Live, Vol. 2
  • 1999: Junior Vasquez, Vol. 2
  • 2000: Twilo, Vol. 1: Junior Vasquez
  • 2001: DJ19 Plays J.M.O. Perspective Service
  • 2001: Junior's Nervous Breakdown
  • 2002: Earth Music
  • 2002: Earth Music 2
  • 2003: Anthem
  • 2004: Ageha, Vol. 4
  • 2004: Anthem 2
  • 2006: Party Groove: White Party, Vol. 7
  • 2009: Generation Next
  • 2010: Junior's Nervous Breakdown 2: Demented

Selected remixes[edit]

Note: The industry standard by which a remix is considered "commercially released" is the track has been made available legally for retail sale. This can mean the remix was released on a CD single, 12" vinyl single, cassette single, or it can mean the remix was released on one of the artist's albums (usually on a greatest hits compilation or as a bonus track to a studio album's international release). Other times it was included on a compilation or soundtrack album. The tracks listed below have all been released commercially in one of the aforementioned forms, with a few exceptions which are indicated with a note in parenthesis explaining the track's status. With the advent of Internet-selling using programs such as iTunes, that type of release is also considered commercial as it results in a profit and the artist and management oversee what is available on such programs.


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