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Jurong West Central
Subzone of Jurong West Planning Area &
Housing Estate
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese裕廊西环
 • PinyinYù láng xi huán
 • MalayJurong Barat Bahagian Tengah
 • TamilJurong மேற்கு மத்திய
A block of HDB flats along Street 61
A block of HDB flats along Street 61

Jurong West Central is a subzone of Jurong West, located in the West Region of Singapore.[1] This is the town centre of Jurong West.



There are 4 main roads in this subzone – Boon Lay Way, Jalan Boon Lay, Jurong West Avenue 4/2 and Pioneer Road North.

Public transport[edit]

Jurong West Extension MRT track along JW Street 65. Pioneer MRT track linking to Boon Lay MRT Station


Mass Rapid Transit[edit]

The East West Line threads through the subzone along Street 63, with 2 stations (Boon Lay and Pioneer), situated at the Eastern and Western ends of the subzone. By 2025, there will be the Jurong Region Line, which would ply through the Eastern end of the subzone.


The Boon Lay Bus Interchange is situated here, along Central 3, within Jurong Point Shopping Centre and next to Boon Lay MRT Station. These include the 2 night bus services (5N and NR5) that run during the late-nights and early-mornings of the day, when the other bus services and the MRT are not in operation.


At the junction of Central 1 and Street 64, there is a government healthcare institution named Jurong Medical Centre.

A polyclinic, Pioneer Family Healthcare Centre near Pioneer MRT station along Street 61 started operations in November 2017 and opened in February 2018.


The Frontier Community Club is situated at the junction of Street 64 and Central 3, it is co-located with Jurong West Public Library. There are two parks – Jurong Central Park and Jurong West Neighbourhood Park. They can jog along the Jurong West Park Connector. In addition, there is Jurong West Public Library.

There is also SAFRA Clubhouse at Jurong, which is situated at the south-eastern fringe of the subzone, near to Boon Lay MRT Station. The Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre is located at the western fringe of the subzone along Pioneer Road North.


There are 2 Shopping malls in this subzone, namely Jurong Point and Pioneer Mall. There are retail spaces at the concourse level of Pioneer and Boon Lay MRT Stations, of which the one at Boon Lay is known as Boon Lay Xchange.

There will be a market and hawker centre located adjacent to Pioneer Mall along Street 61 which is expected to complete in 2017.


There are 4 education institutions here, namely

At the fringes of the subzone, there are 2 education institutions, namely


There are a total of 188 housing blocks in this subzone, consisting of 176 (6 under construction) Public apartments and 12 blocks of Private Condominium. Most of the flats were built in 1999 – 2000, and earthworks had begun on 18 June 1995.

Public Apartments[edit]

HDB estates at N6[edit]

Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
62/65 601–613 13
61/62/65 617–637 21 The neighbourhood shopping mall, Pioneer Mall (Block 638-638A) is located here.
61 639–647, 648A-648D, 649A-649B, 650A-650C 18
61 651A-651B, 652A-652C, 653A-653C, 654A-654C, 655A-655B 13
61/65 656A-656D, 657A-657B, 658A-658D 10
65/64 659A-659D, 650A-650D, 661A-661D, 662A-662D 16
62/64 663A-663D, 664A-664D, 665A-665B, 666A-666B 12
65/64 667A-667D, 668A-668D, 669A-669B 12
65 670A, 671A-671C, 672A, 673A-673C, 674A-674B 10
64 Edelweiss@Jurong 675A-675B, 676A-676B, 677A-677C, 678A-678D 11
64/Central 1 679A-679C, 680A-680C, 681A-681C, 682A-682C, 683A-683C, 684A-684C, 685A-685C, 686A-686C 24
Central 1/3 Jurong Point Estate 687–696 10
Central 2/3 Jurong West Blossom 697A-697C, 698A-698C 6 Completed in late 2016

The Public Apartments and the associated infrastructure are managed and maintained by West Coast Town Council.

Private Housing[edit]

Street Estate name Block Quantity Note
Central 3 The Centris 65/7/9, 71/3/5/7/9, 81/3/5/7 12 Integrated with Jurong Point and Boon Lay Bus Interchange


The northern portion is referred to Boon Lay constituency, part of the West Coast GRC. Its MP is Patrick Tay.

The southern portion is referred to Pioneer constituency. Its MP is Cedric Foo.

Both portions are separated by Street 61/2 and Central 1.

Neighbouring Areas[edit]


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