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Born Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active 2002–
Website http://blog.livedoor.jp/cb_k_west

K*West or K*WEST is a Japanese adult video (AV) director who had directed more than 150 DVD productions as of September 2011.[1]

Life and career[edit]

K*WEST, along with several other directors, including Alala Kurosawa, [Jo]Style and KINGDOM, got his start at the Waap Entertainment AV studio.[2][3] During his tenure at Waap, he has directed over 125 DVDs[4] going back to at least October 2002 with the video Ass Pet Girl in the Class (クラスで人気の尻ペット 森町ここみ?).[5] Many of his videos for Waap have been on the company's Cobra label.[6] K*WEST has also directed for other AV studios, including Dogma[7] and occasionally Moodyz[8]

In 2006, K*WEST was one of 11 directors invited to compete in the second Dogma D-1 Climax Awards. The resulting videos were released by Dogma on September 16, 2006. His entry for the contest was Ad Lib Triple Live (アドリブ痴女トリプルライブ!!!?) (labeled D1-201) starring Sarina, Riri Kōda & Aira.[9][10] K*WEST was once again selected for the Dogma D-1 Climax Awards contest in 2007 with 13 other directors. His entry for the 2007 competition, released on September 15, 2007, was Sadistic Labyrinth (陵辱の迷宮 黒人・小便・ドロ責めレイプ 松野ゆい?) (labeled D1-310), an interracial bondage and simulated rape video starring Yui Matsuno.[11][12]

Also in 2007, K*WEST was chosen by Waap Entertainment to direct their nominated video for the AV Open contest, Deep Lesbian & Hot Semen & Black Fuck (熱吻ブラック?), starring Marin and Shiho. The interracial-themed video, released in May 2007 as OPEN-0717,[13][14] won the Lily Franky Honorary President Prize.[15]

K*WEST also was one of the directors (with Goemon) of Waap Entertainment's entry in the 2008 AV Grand Prix, the four-hour long Shall We Fuck x10 (現役東●生の挿入十番勝負とギリギリモザイク), AVGP-042, starring Lemon Tachibana.[16]

As part of the celebration of Shelly Fujii's three-year anniversary with KMP in November 2011, K*WEST directed one of the 4 sections of her video, Shelly Fujii 3rd Anniversary - 4 Performances With 4 Different Directors, along with Hideto Aki, Takuan & Company Matsuo.[17]

During his career, K*WEST has worked with many AV Idols, including Sakura Sakurada, Riko Tachibana, Hotaru Akane, Riri Kōda, Kurumi Morishita, Maki Tomoda, Chihiro Hara, Yuka Osawa / Elly Akira, Hikari Hino, Nao Ayukawa, Maria Ozawa & Rio Hamasaki.


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