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Kaagan[pronunciation?], is a minority Muslim group in the Davao Region, Mindanao, Philippines. They number from 5,000 to 10,000 in population, from Davao Oriental, Davao Del Norte, to Davao Del Sur. Their primary means of living is farming, though some of them living in the cities like Davao City are engaged in commerce.[citation needed]}

Little research has been dedicated to this cultural group, according to the Philippines National Commission for Culture and the Arts. The Kalagan belong to the Mandaya/Mansaka ethnicity[clarification needed], and have three subgroups: Tagakaolo proper, Kagan and Lao. The latter resides in the Haguimitan mountains of the San Agustin peninsula on the east side of Davao gulf. The total Kalagan population is estimated at 87,270 (1994). Historically, these were composed of small, warring groups.