Greek settlement in the Philippines

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Greeks in the Philippines
Total population
575 (2000 Philippines census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Manila · Legazpi City
English · Filipino · Greek
Greek Orthodox Church
Related ethnic groups
Greek people

Greek settlement in the Philippines is a small community of descendants of ethnic Greeks who settled the country since the Spanish colonization of the country.


According to some historical accounts, there were already Greek settlers in the country as early as the 18th century, most are sailors and traders, and fishermen.[2]

During the early 20th century, a number of Greek sailors and immigrants came to the country and settled. One group came to the city of Legazpi[3] on the island of Luzon who kept their Greek identities and have become distinguished public figures and intellectuals in the country.

Adamson University in Manila was founded by a Greek immigrant, George Lucas Adamson. He also founded the first Greek Orthodox church in the Philippines, two paper mills, and a shipping company.[4]

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