Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

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Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
Dynaman Title Card.jpg
Title Screen
Superhero fiction
Science fiction
Created byToei
StarringSatoshi Okita
Jyunichi Haruta
Kouji Unoki
Yuu Tokita
Sayoko Hagiwara
Narrated byTōru Ōhira (大平 透, Ōhira Tōru)
Composer(s)Kensuke Kyō
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes51
Producer(s)Seiji Abe
Moriyoshi Katō
Takeyuki Suzuki
Yasuhiro Tomita
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseFebruary 5, 1983 – January 28, 1984
Preceded byDai Sentai Goggle-V
Followed byChoudenshi Bioman

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman (科学戦隊ダイナマン, Kagaku Sentai Dainaman)[Note 1] is the seventh installment of Toei Company's Super Sentai metaseries. It aired on TV Asahi from February 5, 1983, to January 28, 1984, with a total of 51 episodes. Six episodes of the series were shown in the United States on the USA Network's Night Flight and alternately Nickelodeon's Special Delivery throughout 1988 as a dubbed parody, simply titled Dynaman.[1]


The Jashinka Empire rises from the depths of the Earth to conquer the world. To stop them, Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno assembles five inventors to his laboratory, Yumeno Invention Laboratory and gives them the power to become Dynamen. Each member has their own goal, but as the Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, they are united to stop the Jashinka Empire in their tracks.


Yumeno Invention Center[edit]

The Yumeno Invention Center is a children's playground, which actually acts as a front for the Dynastation.


Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

The Dynamen are the first Super Sentai group to have their costumes made out of spandex. The team also discontinued the use of capes and scarves, which were part of Super Sentai uniforms from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger to Dai Sentai Goggle-V.

  • Hokuto Dan (弾 北斗, Dan Hokuto)/Dyna Red (ダイナレッド, Daina Reddo): A kendō master from Hokkaido. Responsible and headstrong, he lost his mother when he was young and sympathizes with children who also suffered the loss of a parent. The master of all martial arts, he is a rank holder in kendo, karate, judo, and boxing. He is also a champion motorcyclist. As an inventor, Dan's dream is to create an engine that does not cause pollution.
    • Weapons: Dyna Swords (ダイナ剣, Daina Ken)
    • Attacks: Magnum Square Punch (マグナムスクエアーパンチ, Magunamu Sukueā Panchi)
    • Dyna Rod Attack: Red Fire (レッドファイヤー, Reddo Faiyā)
  • Ryu Hoshikawa (星川 竜, Hoshikawa Ryū)/Dyna Black (ダイナブラック, Daina Burakku): A descendant of Iga ninjas, he is skilled at the art of ninpou and invisibility and he never allows himself to miss a day of training. Comedic and cheerful, children take a liking to him. As an astronomer, he dreams of contacting and befriending alien life-forms.
    • Weapons: Cross Cutter (クロスカッター, Kurosu Kattā), Battle Tector (バトルテクター, Batoru Tekutā)
    • Attacks: Strong Shower (ストロングシャワー, Sutorongu Shawā), Meteor Kick (流星キック, Ryūsei Kikku), Black Clone Art (ブラック分身の術, Burakku Bunshin no Jutsu), Hiding in the Leaves (木の葉隠れ, Konohagakure), Hiding in the Smokes (煙隠れ, Kemuri Kakure), 8 Step Kick (八段蹴り, Hachi Dan Keri), Ninja Arts Exhaustion (忍法・脱力, Ninpō Datsuryoku), Ninja Arts Dance of Thick Fried Tofu (忍法厚揚げの舞い, Ninpō Atsuage no Mai), Attitude Change Arts (変わり身の術, Kawarimi no Jutsu), Black Spike (Original Version Unused) (ブラックスパイク(本編未使用), Burakku Supaiku (Honpen Mishiyō))
    • Dyna Rod Attack: Black Star Flash (ブラックスターフラッシュ, Burakku Sutā Furasshu)
  • Yosuke Shima (島 洋介, Shima Yōsuke)/Dyna Blue (ダイナブルー, Daina Burū): He is from Ishigaki Island. A swimmer and surfer who dreams of inventing artificial gills to allow people to breathe underwater and enjoy waterlife in all of its glory. He has extensive knowledge of sealife. He despises losing, always wanting to make up for failures he is responsible for. His exclusive vehicles are the Surf Jet and the Attack Board.
    • Weapons: Blue Frisbees (ブルーフリスビー, Burū Furisubī), Jet Surfin' (ジェットサーフィン, Jetto Sāfin), Attack Board (アタックボード, Atakku Bōdo)
    • Attacks: Flying Air Triangle (空中三角飛び, Kūchū Sankaku Tobi), Twist Kick (ツイストキック, Tsuisuto Kikku)
    • Dyna Rod Attack: Blue Water Whirlpool (ブルー水竜巻, Burū Mizu Tatsumaki)
  • Kosaku Nango (南郷 耕作, Nangō Kōsaku)/Dyna Yellow (ダイナイエロー, Daina Ierō): A nature lover from Kyushu who dreams to improve plant and farm breeds, aiming to develop new foods and flowers. Although he plays the clown, deep down he is a tender and serious man.
    • Weapons: Chain Crushers (チェーンクラッシャー, Chēn Kurasshā)
    • Attacks: Yellow Attack (イエローアタック, Ierō Atakku), Yellow Grand Diving (イエローグランドダイビング, Ierō Gurando Daibingu), Yellow Diving Punch (イエローダイビングパンチ, Ierō Daibingu Panchi)
    • Dyna Rod Attack: Yellow Lightning Fall (イエロー雷光落とし, Ierō Raikō Otoshi)
  • Rei Tachibana (立花 レイ, Tachibana Rei)/Dyna Pink (ダイナピンク, Daina Pinku): She dreams of inventing a machine in order to understand and communicate with animals despite her fear of cats. A skilled fencer, Rei dislikes fighting, but fights for the sake of protecting everyone's dream and the safety of the world.
    • Weapons: Rose Saber (ローズサーベル, Rōzu Sāberu), Flower Shield (フラワーシールド, Furawā Shīrudo)
    • Attacks: Rose Finale (バラフィナーレ, Bara Fināre)
    • Dyna Rod Attack: Pink Shocking Melody (ピンクショッキングメロディー, Pinku Shokkingu Merodī)


  • Dyna Brace (ダイナブレス, Daina Buresu): The team's transformation device. To transform, the team either calls their name (Dyna [color] (ダイナ○○○○, Daina [color])) by themselves or the team name together.
  • Dyna Rod (ダイナロッド, Daina Roddo): The team's sidearm. It fires an attack specific to their respective Dynaman.
  • Dyna Punch (ダイナパンチ, Daina Panchi): When a Dynaman flexes their arms, their biceps enlarge, allowing them to deliver a powerful punch.

Team Attacks[edit]

  • Super Dynamite (スーパーダイナマイト, Sūpā Dainamaito): The finishing move of the team. They jump into the air, become a ball of light and fly into the enemy.
  • New Super Dynamite (ニュースーパーダイナマイト, Nyū Sūpā Dainamaito): An upgraded version of Super Dynamite.
  • Mach Dash (マッハダッシュ, Mahha Dasshu): Rockets on their boots that make them run faster.
  • Dyna Kicks (ダイナキック, Daina Kikku): The team delivers consecutive kicks.
  • Rod Spark (ロッドスパーク, Roddo Supāku): The Dyna Rods are put together and flash.
  • Rod Beam (ロッドビーム, Roddo Bīmu): The team fires their Dyna Rods together.


  • Dyna Falcon (ダイナファルコン, Daina Farukon): Dyna Red's motorcycle.
  • Dyna Machine (ダイナマシーン, Daina Mashīn): A truck for the rest of the team.
  • Surf Jet (サーフジェット, Sāfu Jetto): A surfboard type vehicle that Dyna Blue uses.


  • Dy Jupiter (ダイジュピター, Dai Jupitā): The flying fortress that stores Dyna Robo's mecha components.
  • Dyna Robo (ダイナロボ, Daina Robo): The giant robot that is formed by the command "Fusion! Grand Slam" (合体!グランドスラム, Gattai! Gurando Suramu). Its primary weapon is the Science Sword (科学剣, Kagaku Ken), which it destroys monsters with its finishing attack, the Lightning Gravity Fall (稲妻重力落とし, Inazuma Jūryoku Otoshi). Its other weapons are the Dyna Knuckles (ダイナナックル, Daina Nakkuru), Dyna Shield (ダイナシールド, Daina Shīrudo), Dyna Boomerang (ダイナブーメラン, Daina Būmeran) and the Beat Hammer (ビートハンマー, Bīto Hanmā). Its other attacks are the Tornado Punch (竜巻パンチ, Tatsumaki Panchi) and the Dyna Flash (ダイナフラッシュ, Daina Furasshu).
    • Dyna Mach (ダイナマッハ, Daina Mahha): Dyna Red's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's top dome. It shoots arrowhead-shaped lasers. It forms Dyna Robo's head.
    • Dyna Mobile (ダイナモビル, Daina Mobiru): Dyna Black and Dyna Blue's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's middle compartment, beneath Dyna Mach, and uses the door for Dyna Garry's compartment as a ramp. It shoots missiles (Episode 43). It forms Dyna Robo's body.
    • Dyna Garry (ダイナギャリー, Daina Gyarī): Dyna Yellow and Dyna Pink's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's lowermost compartment, beneath Dyna Mobile. It forms Dyna Robo's legs.


  • Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno (夢野久太郎, Yumeno Kyūtarō): The head of the Yumeno Invention Center and founder of the Kagaku Sentai. Detected abnormalities in volcanic regions for years before discovering the existence of the Jashinka, creating the Kagaku Sentai in order to oppose them. While in the Yumeno Center, he puts on a cheerful face, immediately turning all business and no-nonsense when dealing in Dyna Station. His real name is Professor Toyama, who 15 years prior discovered the "'Retro Gene" that increases cells. He changed his name and went into hiding when the woman dearest to him was killed by a Jashinka spy who was aiming for his discovery, therefore dedicating his life to discovering the threat and opposing them with the Kagaku Sentai. His dream is to inspire the dream of others.
    • Age: 44 years old
  • Kendo Robo: The mascot of the Yumeno Invention Center invented by Dr. Yumeno. It was destroyed with the center in episode 37.

Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire[edit]

The Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire (有尾人一族ジャシンカ帝国, Yūbijin Ichizoku Jashinka Teikoku) are evolved from a race of a reptiles. They arrived at Earth in ancient times, the life-forms being carried along with a meteorite, crashing into the earth, and falling deep into its core. As time went on, the life-forms evolved, becoming the civilized Tailed-People Clan. The Tailed-People are a civilization of advanced science (higher than human's), with the rank of their civilization being determined by the number of tails. Believing Earth to be theirs, for their civilization to rise, they begin invasion. Originally planning to turn humans into their own kind, the experiment failed, and their strategy was changed to simply destroying mankind by reducing the number of human beings as the Tailed-People Clan was outnumbered. Being as the number of tails determines rank, the Emperor's dream is to obtain ten tails, who is said to provide one with eternal life and powers. Their rank and status is determined by the number of tails each member has. The more tails, the greater the status.

  • Emperor Aton (帝王アトン, Teiō Aton, 1-50): The ringleader who orders the invasion and building of the Jashinka Empire above. With nine tails, he believes in the legend and dreams of obtaining the tenth tail that will provide eternal life and super powers, which he believes he will obtain once he's conquered humans. His cruelty unmatched, he originally shows protection of his son, Megiddo, until one failure too many. He is armed with ESP abilities and the Emperor Sword. Killed by his own son after a long duel but not before giving Princess Chimera The Emperor Sword to make Megiddo Emperor.
  • General Kar (カー将軍, Kā Shōgun, 1-49): The Seven-tailed "God of War," Kar is the second in command who developed the Jashinka Beast manufacturing machine Progressor. Extremely loyal to Aton, he is later set-up by General Zenobia and Dark Knight, forcing him to challenge Dynaman to a fight to prove his innocence and loyalty and dies as a result.
  • Prince Megiddo (メギド王子, Megido Ōji, 1-51): Aton's son. He originally had five tails until he lost on during his first fight with Dyna Red, becoming a disgrace to his clan and developing a grudge towards Dyna Red. But due to prideful arrogance and temper, he continuously fails. In Episode 38, after being prosecuted by Zenobia, his remaining tails are cut off and he exiled into the Millennium Cave prison by his own father. Swearing revenge, he breaks free from the prison, becoming Dark Knight (ダークナイト, Dāku Naito), wielder of the "Dance of Darkness" technique. As Dark Knight, he is not only an enemy of Dynaman, but of Jashinka, as well. Calling himself "the messenger of darkness", he first lets his presence known by stealing Aton's Emperor Sword (Episode 44). He shows most hatred for General Zenobia and Dyna Red. He was given the title of Emperor by his father after his mask of Dark Knight was destroyed by Dyna Red and he dueled his father as Dark Knight. He was called Emperor Megiddo (帝王メギド, Teiō Megido, 50 & 51). He died when his ship crashed into the ground.
  • Gira and Geel (ギーラ&ギール, Gīra to Gīru, 1-8): The bodyguards of Megiddo. The tail soldiers is distinguished by their clothing and berets. They were eaten by a monster plant that was harvested by Butterfly Shinka.
  • Princess Chimera (王女キメラ, Ōjo Kimera, 8-51): The witch niece of Aton, cousin of Megiddo. She has a short, round tail of four. She respects Aton and is a master in illusions and psychokinesis. She is excellent at strategies to fool humans by using disguises and charm. She is Rei / Dyna Pink's rival. As prideful as her cousin Megiddo, the two constantly bicker. She died alongside Meggido.
  • General Zenobia (ゼノビア将軍, Zenobia Shōgun, 37-50): A new general with seven tails who appears in episode 37. She destroyed the Invention Center. A combat expert with seven tails, she too holds the title of general. Also a priestess who deals in ritual. Eight years ago, she tried to assassinate Aton and take the throne for herself. While conspirators were executed, Aton chose to banish Zenobia to imprisonment in the Millennium Cave out of fear of her witchcraft knowledge. After escaping from it, she swears loyalty to Aton, fighting Dynaman while secretly planning to overthrowing him and develop her own tenth tail. Spied on by Megiddo, she sets him up by having him banished to the Millennium Cave, masking it as a contempt for failure. She discovers the Retro Gene, attempting to use it in growing the tenth tail. When she does grow a tenth tail, she dies afterwards.
  • Shippo Soldiers (シッポ兵, Shippo Hei): The foot soldiers of the empire. They are humanoid lizards with red eyes, green and black skin and one tail. They are fully capable of speech, as demonstrated after Megiddo loses a tail in his first fight with Dyna Red.
  • Gran Gizmo (グランギズモ, Guran Gizumo): A mobile fortress shaped like a flying fish armed with four rocket launchers in each side of its hull.
  • Gizmosquito (ギズモスキート, Gizumoskito): Small fighters launched from the Gran Gizmo.


  1. The Tailed-People Clan's Challenge (有尾人一族の挑戦, Yūbijin Ichizoku no Chōsen)
  2. Warriors Who Chase Dreams (夢を追う戦士たち, Yume o Ou Senshitachi)
  3. Bat Hell Flight (コウモリ地獄飛行, Kōmori Jigoku Hikō)
  4. The Rumbling Fossil-Human (ゴロゴロ化石人間, Gorogoro Kaseki Ningen)
  5. The Evolution Beast's Scary Dream (進化獣のこわい夢, Shinkajū no Kowai Yume)
  6. Fight to the Death! The Haunts of a Poisonous Snake (死闘! 毒蛇の魔境, Shitō! Dokuja no Makyō)
  7. Operation Tokyo Sea of Fire (東京火の海作戦!, Tōkyō Hi no Umi Sakusen)
  8. Evil Flower Princess Chimera (悪の花王女キメラ, Aku no Hana Ōjo Kimera)
  9. The Do-or-Die Bomb Race (決死の爆弾レース, Kesshi no Bakudan Rēsu)
  10. The Intruder From Outer Space (宇宙からの侵入者, Uchū Kara no Shinnyūsha)
  11. The Day Fish Attack Humans (魚が人間を襲う日, Sakana ga Ningen o Osou Hi)
  12. The Targeted Blood Bank (狙われた血液銀行, Nerawareta Ketsueki Ginkō)
  13. The Kidnapped Brides (さらわれた花嫁, Sarawareta Hanayome)
  14. Assault, Choroppo Soldier (突撃チョロッポ兵, Totsugeki Choroppo Hei)
  15. Ninjutsu vs. Chimera Witchcraft (忍術対キメラ妖術, Ninjutsu Tai Kimera Yōjutsu)
  16. The Big Mt. Aso Explosion Operation (阿蘇山大爆発作戦, Asosan Dai Bakuhatsu Sakusen)
  17. Fear! Kyushu Major Earthquake (恐怖! 九州大地震, Kyōfu! Kyūshū Daijishin)
  18. The Big Tsunami That Attacks Tokyo (東京を襲う大津波, Tōkyō o Osou Ōtsunami)
  19. The Fuse is a Red Toxic Flower (導火線は赤い毒花, Dōkasen wa Akai Doku Hana)
  20. Chase! The Amakusa Sun (追え! 天草の太陽, Oe! Amakusa no Taiyō)
  21. Angry Hokuto's Deadly Sword (怒りの北斗必殺剣, Ikari no Hokuto Hissatsu Ken)
  22. The Great Prank War (いたずら大戦争!, Itazura Dai Sensō)
  23. Operation Human Slug (人間ナメクジ作戦, Ningen Namekuji Sakusen)
  24. The Dreadful Comet's Great Approach (恐怖の彗星大接近, Kyōfu no Suisei Dai Sekkin)
  25. The Mysterious Guffaw Hell (謎のゲラゲラ地獄, Nazo no Geragera Jigoku)
  26. Intense Fighting! The Solar Lighthouse (激闘! 太陽の灯台, Gekitō! Taiyō no Tōdai)
  27. Chirping Cicada: The Sound of Death (死の音セミシグレ, Shi no Oto Semishigure)
  28. Rescue the Doll-Humans! (人形人間を救え! Ningyō Ningen o Sukue!)
  29. Chimera's Cursed Clothes (キメラの呪いの服, Kimera no Noroi no Fuku)
  30. The Enemy is a Geek Evolution Beast (敵はガリ勉進化獣 Teki wa Gariben Shinkajū)
  31. The Spy Tailed-Person's Trap (スパイ有尾人の罠, Supai Yūbijin no Wana)
  32. The Missing Power Gun (消えたパワーガン, Kieta Pawā Gan)
  33. I Can't Become Red (レッドになれない, Reddo ni Narenai)
  34. Formidable Enemy! Mechaevolution (強敵! メカシンカ, Kyōteki! Mekashinka)
  35. Seeking a New Finishing Move (新必殺技を求めて, Shin Hissatsu-waza o Motomete)
  36. It Came Forth!! The Finishing Move (出たぞ! 必殺技!, Deta zo! Hissatsu-waza)
  37. Female General Zenobia (女将軍ゼノビア, Onna Shōgun Zenobia)
  38. Rejuvenate! Genius Brain (若返れ! 天才頭脳, Wakagaere! Tensai Zonō)
  39. Hold it! The Egg of the Tailed-People (抱け! 有尾人の卵, Idake! Yūbijin no Tamago)
  40. Explosion! Silent Anger (爆発! 無言の怒り, Bakuhatsu! Mugon no Ikari)
  41. The Biker Gang Who Disappeared in the Darkness (闇に消えた暴走族, Yami ni Kieta Bōsōzoku)
  42. Challenge: The Dark Knight (挑戦ダークナイト, Chōsen Dāku Naito)
  43. Shima! You're Blue Lightning (島! 君は青い稲妻, Shima! Kimi wa Aoi Inazuma)
  44. Explosion! Magma Bomb (爆発! マグマ爆弾, Bakuhatsu! Maguma Bakudan)
  45. Mama is Zenobia? (ママはゼノビア?, Mama wa Zenobia?)
  46. The Saber That Runs Love Through (愛を貫くサーベル, Ai o Tsuranuku Sāberu)
  47. An Evil Wish, Ten Tails (悪の願い十本尻尾, Aku no Negai Juppon Shippo)
  48. Dr. Yumeno's Big Secret (夢野博士の大秘密, Yumeno-hakase no Dai Himitsu)
  49. The End of General Kar (カー将軍の最期, Kā Shōgun no Saigo)
  50. The Revived Formidable Enemy (よみがえった強敵, Yomigaetta Kyōteki)
  51. The Fight That Flew Through Tomorrow (明日をかけた戦い, Asu o Kaketa Tatakai)




Opening theme
  • "Kagaku Sentai Dynaman" (科学戦隊ダイナマン, Kagaku Sentai Dainaman)
Ending theme
  • "Yume o Kanaete Dynaman" (夢をかなえてダイナマン, Yume o Kanaete Dainaman, "Dynaman Fulfills our Dreams")
    • Lyrics: Kazuo Koike
    • Composition & Arrangement: Kensuke Kyō
    • Artist: MoJo


  1. ^ Literally translated as Science Squadron Dynaman.

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