Katō Tsune

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Katō Tsune
Native name
Born16th century
DiedUnknown date
AllegianceJyanome (No background and Black color drawing).svg Katō clan
Okumura clan
Japanese crest Kaga Umebachi.svg Maeda clan
Battles/warsSiege of Suemori
Spouse(s)Okumura Nagatomi

Katō Tsune (加藤つね), Shōju-in (松寿院) or Otsune (お安) was a Japanese woman from the Sengoku period. She came from the Katō clan and was the wife of Okumura Nagatomi.[1] She helped her husband and the Maeda troops resist Sassa Narimasa at the Siege of Suemori Castle by providing food and medical aid to injured warriors and arming herself with a naginata to fight beside them during the conflict.[2]

Siege of Suemori castle[edit]

Otsune patrols the inside of the castle with a naginata, cheers up the morale of castle soldiers, defend the castle walls from the attack of Narimasa troops consisting of 15,000 men and resisted until the arrival of the troops of Maeda Toshiie.[1] Otsune's two eldest sons participated in the defense at a very young age. After the defenders' victory, Toshiie has become the most powerful daimyō in the Kaga (now Ishikawa Prefecture) region of Japan. Otsune was vital to the success of the castle's defense, Toshiie thanked her for her courageous act and received financial aid from the Maeda clan.[3]


  • Father: Katō Yosaburo
  • Husband: Okumura Nagatomi (1541 - July 27, 1624)
  • Children:
    • Okumura Yasuhide (1571 - January 30, 1644)
    • Okumura Haru (1568 - May 20, 1620)
    • Okumura Haruyuru


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