Ii Naotora

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Ii.

Ii Naotora (井伊 直虎?) was a female daimyo of the Sengoku period. She was the daughter and only child of Ii Naomori, the eighteenth head of their clan. Her real name is unknown. After the death of her father at Okehazama, her cousin Ii Naochika tried to marry her so that he could inherit the clan. Due to slander from Imagawa clan retainers, Naochika was ordered to commit seppuku, but he chose to flee to Shinano instead. Later he returned to the Imagawa, but he had already married another woman while in exile.

Naochika momentarily ruled the clan until further slander caused him to be executed by Imagawa Ujizane in 1560. Following his death and a lot of obstacles, Naotora became nominal head of the clan. Naochika's son, whom she adopted, the famed Ii Naomasa, succeeded her after her demise in 1582.

Though in modern times Naotora is known as a female daimyo, there are some accounts that disagree about her activities during her rule.[citation needed]