Keadby Power Station

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Keadby Power Station
Keadby power station.jpg
Keadby gas-fired power station in 2006
Keadby Power Station is located in Lincolnshire
Keadby Power Station
Location of Keadby Power Station in Lincolnshire
Country England
Location North Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the Humber
Coordinates 53°35′40″N 0°45′02″W / 53.594444°N 0.750442°W / 53.594444; -0.750442Coordinates: 53°35′40″N 0°45′02″W / 53.594444°N 0.750442°W / 53.594444; -0.750442
Commission date 1952
Operator(s) Scottish and Southern Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas-fired
Tertiary fuel Coal-fired
grid reference SE828116

Keadby Power Station is a 734 MWe gas-fired power station near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. It lies near the B1392 and the River Trent, and the Scunthorpe-Grimsby railway. Also nearby is the Stainforth and Keadby Canal, which is part of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.


Keadby Power Station was built on the site of a former coal-fired power station (which opened on 1 April 1952, but closed in 1984). It was commissioned on 22 January 1996, and was opened by Scottish Hydro Electric and NORWEB when the site was in South Humberside. Scottish Hydro bought the 50% share of Keadby Generation Ltd, then owned by United Utilities, in March 1997 for £253 million. It is now owned by Scottish and Southern Energy.

In 1999, Scottish Hydro applied to add another 710 MWe of capacity at Keadby, and a variation to this consent was granted in November 2016, though the investment decision on this project, called 'Keadby 2', has not yet been made.[1]

In March 2015 the power station was 'deep mothballed' in response to adverse market conditions; it reopened in December 2015 after winning a stand-by contract to provide 734 MWe of capacity.[2][3][4]

SSE also owns a 68 MWe capacity wind farm, Keadby Wind Farm, nearby. This is England's largest onshore wind farm, and started operating in July 2014.[5][6]


It is a CCGT type power station running on natural gas. There are two General Electric Frame 9FA gas turbines each rated at 250 MWe. The total thermal input is 1329 MW. Each gas turbine is connected to a heat recovery steam generator which connect to one steam turbine which has an output of 260 MWe. Steam is condensed using water from the River Trent. There is a 25 MWe 11 kV gas turbine available for black starts when there is no power to start producing electricity. The station connects to the National Grid at 400 kV, being used for baseload.

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  • Keadby Generation Ltd - the company owned by Scottish & Southern Energy that runs Ferrybridge and Fiddlers Ferry power stations.


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