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Settle Hydro
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Settle Hydro is located in North Yorkshire
Settle Hydro
Location of Settle Hydro in North Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom
Location Settle, North Yorkshire
Coordinates 54°04′21″N 2°16′51″W / 54.0726°N 2.2808°W / 54.0726; -2.2808Coordinates: 54°04′21″N 2°16′51″W / 54.0726°N 2.2808°W / 54.0726; -2.2808

Settle Hydro is a micro hydroelectric scheme, owned by the community, in Settle, North Yorkshire, England. It is located on the River Ribble, at Settle Weir near Bridge End Mill. It uses part of the former mill race. A reverse Archimedean screw generates 50 kW of electricity.[1]


Settle weir was built across the Ribble, to provide a head for the Bridge End Mill which occupies the same site. Bridge End Mill was built to mill corn, but was converted to spin cotton.[2] Later it was fitted out to become a woodworking shop providing furniture for the local chapels out of imported cedar. Though the wheel still turns, it is not connected to any shafts, and the mill building has been converted to housing.[3]

Planning Permission and the Abstraction Licence were granted in February 2009 and the share issue of September 2009 raised the necessary capital. The scheme is projected to cost £410,000. Lakeland Marine Construction began work on Monday 15 June. It completed in October and Settle Hydro Ltd were generating electricity by November 2009. Over the forty year lifetime of the scheme that generates 165,000 kWh per annum, it is envisaged that 3200 tonnes of carbon will be saved.[1]

Construction of the screw took place in Germany.[citation needed]

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