Ken Krueger

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Ken Krueger
Born 1926
New York, United States
Died November 21, 2009 (age 83)
Lockport, New York, United States
Occupation Comic-Con co-founder, editor, publisher

Ken Krueger (1926 – November 21, 2009) was an American publisher and retailer. Krueger co-founded and organized the first San Diego Comic-Con International convention, then called "San Diego's Golden State Comic-Con," in 1970.[1] Krueger co-created the annual convention with a group of San Diego friends, including Shel Dorf, Richard Alf and Mike Towry.[2]


Krueger was born in upstate New York.[3] He attended the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)in 1939 in New York City, the first science fiction convention ever held.[4] Krueger originally owned the Ocean Beach bookstore in San Diego.[2]

Krueger worked as a publisher, editor, and distributor for the comic and sci-fi industries.[1] He published and released the first works of several science fiction and comic authors, including Greg Bear, Scott Shaw, Dave Stevens, and Jim Valentino.[1] In 2009, Valentino called Krueger "my mentor".[3]

Krueger moved to Buffalo, New York, in 2002.[3] He and other co-founders were honored for their contributions by the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2009.[2]

Krueger died of a heart attack on November 21, 2009 in Lockport, New York at age 83, eighteen days after the passing of fellow Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf.[1][2][4][3] Krueger was survived by his eight children.[3]


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