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Place of origin Nepal
Region or state Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling district
Main ingredients soyabean that has been fermented by lactobacillus
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  • kinema (किनेमा) — is a popular food in Eastern Nepal consisting of soyabean that has been naturally fermented by lactobacillus. In Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling, the slimy, odorous product of fermentation is prepared traditionally into a soup that is taken with rice, but can also be turned into a savoury dip or a pungent side dish to accompany rice or bread. Kinema was traditionally prepared at homes, but now it is sold in local markets and even retailed online as dried products. Kinema is considered a healthy food because fermentation breaks down complex proteins into easily digestible amino acids. The word kinema is believed to derive from tribal Limbu(Kirat) or Limboo word 'kinambaa' where 'ki' means fermented and 'nambaa' means flavour. It is very similar to the Japanese nattō and the akhuni of Northeast India.

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