King (surname)

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Family name
Arthur-Pyle King Arthur of Britain.JPG
A king
Meaning head or leader
Region of origin England/Scotland
Language(s) of origin English/Gaelic

King is a surname of English, Scottish and French origin. The English name comes from Old English cyning (tribal leader), which may derive from Proto-Germanic kuningaz.[1]

The Irish surname King is associated with County Galway and was often given to Irish-American immigrants as an anglicized form of the surname Conroy, among others.

The Scottish surname King is a sept of the Clan Gregor / MacGregor.

The French surname King is associated with orphanages in France where children were given the last name Roi/Roy [French for King], as they were called the King's children. For example, the Filles de Roi, or King's girls, were young girls who were given a dowry by the King and sent to Quebec in the 16th century.[2] For immigrants to the United States, the name was then Americanised to King.

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