Lamborghini LM001

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Lamborghini LM001
1981 Lamborghino LM001 prototipo.jpg
1 built
Body and chassis
ClassConcept car
LayoutRear-engine, four-wheel-drive
Engine5.9 L (360 ci) AMC V8
Curb weight2,100 kg (4,630 lb)
PredecessorLamborghini Cheetah
SuccessorLamborghini LMA002

The Lamborghini LM001 was a prototype offroad vehicle designed and built by Lamborghini. It was first revealed at the 1981 Geneva Auto Show alongside the new Jalpa.[1]

Despite the failure of the Cheetah project, the idea of a Lamborghini off-road vehicle was still very much alive, and with new capital from investors, the Cheetah concept was redesigned into the LM001. Unlike the Cheetah's Chrysler engine, the LM001 prototype had a 180 hp (134 kW) 5.9 L (360 ci) AMC-built V8, with the intention of offering the V12 from the Countach for production models.[2]

The LM001 was found to have unfavorable handling characteristics when accelerating. This problem was traced to the placement of the engine in the rear.[3] As a result, the LM001 was discontinued after one prototype was made.


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