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Leadtek Research, Inc.
Public (TSEC: T2465)
Industry Computer hardware
Founded October 24, 1986
Headquarters New Taipei, (Taiwan)
Key people
K.S. Lu (President and Chairman)
Products WinFast series of video cards
WinFast series of TV tuners for PCs
NSC 3600 series of video surveillance equipment
Revenue $169.9 million USD (2003)
Number of employees
over 498
Website http://www.leadtek.com.tw

Leadtek Research, Inc. is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1986, which focuses on research and development[verification needed] that is specialized in the design and manufacture of graphics cards.


Products in Leadtek's Computer Group include the WinFast Series 3D graphics accelerators (of the NVIDIA GeForce line, mainstream and workstation-class), motherboards and multimedia cards. Products in its Communications Group include video telephony, surveillance and GPS solutions.


Leadtek GPS Team[edit]

It has been the pioneer of the GPS products since 1997, one of Taiwan’s earliest. The unit includes 120 people: one half is R&D-engineers. Now, it is recognized as one of world’s largest Value-Added Manufacturers(VAM) for GPS solutions.

Currently, Leadtek GPS products include Pocket PC GPS Accessories, Personal/ Vehicle Tracking solutions, PNDs, GPS System products with multimedia and communications capabilities, and GPS modules.

Key dates[edit]

  • 1997
    Pioneer of GPS products since 1997 (one of Taiwan’s earliest).
  • 2000
    Leadtek GPS module became “de facto” Smart Antenna.
    module (9531) SiRF Star I GPS module (9520).
  • 2001
    Mini size GPS antenna for PDA application .
    9532 Smart Antenna.
    9540/9542/9543 SS-2 module.
  • 2002
    9543LP module/ 9546 SiRFXtrac module .
    9546 SiRFXtrac module.
    9534 CF card receiver.
  • 2003
    9551 SD card receiver.
    9547 SiRFLoc/ SiRFXtrac module.
    9800 2t host-based module .
    First Bluetooth GPS Receiver 9537-SiRF Star II.
  • 2004
    First GPS receiver (9553)-SiRF Star III chipset.
    First SMD module (9548)-SiRF Star III chipset.
    First tiny Bluetooth GPS Receiver 9553.
    SiRF Star II SMD module (9805).
    First GPS receiver with RDS/TMC function (9815) to European market.
  • 2005
    All-in-one GPS Navigator (9700)-Win CE4.0 platform.
  • 2006
    9101LP/9548SLP/9552LP module (SiRF Star III).
    9805ST/9540G/9121/9122 module (SiRF Star II).
    9500EVK evaluation kit.
    9559X Bluetooth GPS receiver.
  • 2007
    9450 GPS Smart Antenna.
    9569 Bluetooth GPS receiver.
    9750/9752 PND (Personal Navigation Device).
  • 2008
    LR 8M03 LBS Tracker.

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