Lingen Nuclear Power Plant

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Lingen Nuclear Power Plant
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F040680-0003, Kernkraftwerk Lingen (KWL).jpg
Lingen Nuclear Power Plant in 1973
Coordinates52°28′58″N 7°18′25″E / 52.48278°N 7.30694°E / 52.48278; 7.30694Coordinates: 52°28′58″N 7°18′25″E / 52.48278°N 7.30694°E / 52.48278; 7.30694
Construction beganOctober 1, 1964
Commission dateJuly 1, 1968
Decommission dateJanuary 5, 1977
Owner(s)RWE Power AG
Operator(s)RWE Power
Nuclear power station
Reactor typeBWR
Power generation
Units decommissioned1 × 268 MW
Nameplate capacity268 MW
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Lingen Nuclear Power Plant is an inactive nuclear power plant in Germany, close to Emsland Nuclear Power Plant.

It once belonged to VEW, and now belongs to RWE Power AG.