List of Lockheed Constellation operators

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The Lockheed Constellation was used by dozens of airlines and militaries around the world. In military service, the Navy/Air Force EC-121 Warning Star variant remained operational until 1978, nearly 40 years after work on the L-049 began.

♠ Original operators


Civilian airlines that operated the Constellation included:

L-749A of Aerolineas Carreras (Argentina) in 1975
  • Aerolíneas Carreras
  • Aerotransportes Entre Ríos - AER
  • Trans Atlántica Argentina
  • Transcontinental ♠
  • Aero Transport
  • Transportes Aéreos Squella
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
 Dominican Republic
 Hong Kong
 Ivory Coast
 South Korea
  • Government of Senegal
 South Africa
 United Kingdom
 United States


Military operators[edit]

 United States