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This is a list of state parks and reserves in the Montana state park system, in the United States.

Current parks[edit]

Name Image County Size Estab-
Lake / river Remarks
acres ha
Ackley Lake State Park Judith Basin 290 120 1940 Ackley Lake
Anaconda Smelter Stack State Park
Anaconda Stack.jpg
Deer Lodge 12 4.9 1986 none The park cannot actually be accessed, but only viewed from a distance.
Bannack State Park
Abandoned hotel, Bannack MT 2007.jpg
Beaverhead 1,529 619 1954 Grasshopper Creek The well-preserved ghost town of a one-time territorial capital.
Beaverhead Rock State Park
"The overland stage road between Ogden and Helena crossing the Beaver Head River at Point of Rocks ... by means of a pla - NARA - 520085.tif
Madison 71 29 1975 Beaverhead River
Beavertail Hill State Park
Missoula 65 26 1968 Clark Fork
Big Arm State Park Lake 217 88 1966 Flathead Lake Unit of Flathead Lake State Park
Black Sandy State Park Lewis and Clark 43 17 1980 Hauser Reservoir
Brush Lake State Park Sheridan 450 180 2004 Brush Lake There are no fish in this lake due to the mineral makeup of the water.
Chief Plenty Coups State Park
Plenty Coups Home NPS (1997).jpg
Big Horn 195 79 1961 Pryor Creek
Clark's Lookout State Park Beaverhead 7 2.8 1985 Beaverhead River
Cooney State Park Carbon 309 125 1970 Cooney Reservoir
Council Grove State Park Missoula 187 76 1978 Clark Fork River
Elkhorn State Park
Elkhorn ghost town 29.jpg
Jefferson 1 0.40 1980 none
Finley Point State Park
View of Flathead Lake (14540687703).jpg
Lake 28 11 1965 Flathead Lake Unit of Flathead Lake State Park
First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park
FIrst People's Buffalo Jump.jpg
Cascade 1,481 599 1972 none Formerly Ulm Pishkun State Park
Fish Creek State Park Mineral 6,200 2,500 2010 Fish Creek
Fort Owen State Park
Npnht-bitteroot-stevensville-montana-fort-owen-state-park-april-17-2012-rogermpeterson-001 (7166419607).jpg
Ravalli 2 0.81 1956 Mill Creek
Frenchtown Pond State Park Missoula 41 17 1972 Frenchtown Pond
Giant Springs State Park
Giant Springs03.JPG
Cascade 675 273 1972 Missouri River and Roe River
Granite Ghost Town State Park
Granite 1 0.40 1975 none Abandoned 1890s silver boomtown.
Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park
Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park (9277701198).jpg
Sweet Grass 98 40 1974 none
Hell Creek State Park
Hell Creek State Park.jpg
Garfield 337 136 1966 Fort Peck Lake
Lake Elmo State Park
BIllings, Montana Lake Elmo.JPG
Yellowstone 183 74 1983 Lake Elmo
Lake Mary Ronan State Park
Lake Mary Ronan.jpg
Lake 120 49 1967 Flathead Lake
Les Mason State Park Flathead 8 3.2 1983 Whitefish Lake
Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park
From the mouth of the Lewis and Clark Caverns.jpg
Jefferson 2,920 1,180 1935 none
Logan State Park Lincoln 18 7.3 1967 Middle Thompson Lake
Lone Pine State Park Flathead 251 102 1941 none
Lost Creek State Park
Deer Lodge 502 203 1957 Lost Creek
Milltown State Park Missoula 625 253 2012 Clark Fork and Blackfoot
Madison Buffalo Jump State Park
Madison Buffalo Jump, Logan, Montana.jpg
Gallatin 638 258 1966 none
Makoshika State Park
Makoshika view.jpg
Dawson 11,634 4,708 1953 none
Marias River State Park Toole 2,011 814 2009[2] Marias River
Medicine Rocks State Park
Medicine Rocks State Park.jpg
Carter 330 130 1957 none
Missouri Headwaters State Park
Gallatin 532 215 1947 Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers
North Shore State Park Flathead 160 65 n/a Flathead Lake
Painted Rocks State Park Ravalli 23 9.3 1963 Painted Rocks Reservoir, Bitterroot River
Pictograph Cave State Park
Yellowstone 93 38 1969 none
Pirogue Island State Park Custer 210 85 1982 Yellowstone River
Placid Lake State Park
Placid Lake.jpg
Powell 31 13 1977 Placid Lake
Rosebud Battlefield State Park
Big Horn 3,052 1,235 1978 none
Salmon Lake State Park Missoula 42 17 1977 Salmon Lake, Clearwater River
Sluice Boxes State Park
Sluice Boxes State Park.jpg
Cascade 1,451 587 1974 Belt Creek
Smith River State Park
Rafting the Smith River (14225179534).jpg
Meagher 1 0.40 1960 Smith River 59-mile (95 km) segment of the river with only one public put-in and one public take-out for the entire stretch.
Spring Meadow Lake State Park Lewis and Clark 61 25 1981 Spring Meadow Lake
Thompson Falls State Park
Sanders 36 15 1960 Clark Fork, Noxon Rapids Reservoir
Tongue River Reservoir State Park
Big Horn 642 260 1983 Tongue River Reservoir
Tower Rock State Park
Tower Rock and State Park 01.jpg
Cascade 140 57 2004 Near Missouri River
Travelers' Rest State Park
Traveler's Rest State Park view of mountains 2 20121228.JPG
Missoula 41 17 2001 Lolo Creek
Wayfarers State Park Lake 67 27 1969 Flathead Lake Unit of Flathead Lake State Park
West Shore State Park Lake 129 52 1955 Flathead Lake Unit of Flathead Lake State Park
Whitefish Lake State Park
Whitefish Lake State Park Montana.JPG
Flathead 10 4.0 1960 Whitefish Lake
Wild Horse Island State Park Lake 2,164 876 1977 Flathead Lake Unit of Flathead Lake State Park
Yellow Bay State Park
Yellow Bay IMG 6260.jpg
Lake 15 6.1 1941 Flathead Lake, Yellow Bay Creek Unit of Flathead Lake State Park

Former state parks[edit]

Parker Homestead State Park in Jefferson County reverted to private ownership in 2010.

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