List of airports in French Polynesia

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This is a list of airports in French Polynesia, sorted by location.

French Polynesia (French: Polynésie française) is an overseas territory (territoire d'outre-mer or TOM) of France with the particular designation of overseas country (pays d'outre-mer or POM) in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is made up of several groups of Polynesian islands, the most famous island being Tahiti in the Society Islands group, which is also the most populous island, and the seat of the capital of the territory (Papeete).


ICAO location identifiers are linked to each airport's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), which are available online in Portable Document Format (PDF) from the French Service d'information aéronautique (SIA). Locations shown in bold are as per the airport's AIP page. Most airports give two locations: the first is the city served, second is the city where the airport is located.

Airport names shown in bold have scheduled commercial airline service.

City served / Location ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Total
passengers 2011
Ahe (Tenukupara) NTHE AHE Ahe Airport Public 7,011
Anaa (Tukuhora) NTGA AAA Anaa Airport Public 4,236
Apataki NTGD APK Apataki Airport Public 2,015
Aratika (3 km NW Paparara) NTKK Aratika-Nord Airport Public 3,058
Aratika (15 km SW Paparara) NTGR Aratika-Perles Airport Restricted
Arutua (Rautini) NTGU AXR Arutua Airport Public 7,408
Bora Bora (Motu Mute) NTTB BOB Bora Bora Airport (Motu-Mute Airport) Public 254,967
Faaite (Hitianau) NTKF FAC Faaite Airport Public 2,034
Fakahina NTKH FHZ Fakahina Airport Public
Fakarava (Rotoava) NTGF FAV Fakarava Airport Public 27,241
Fangatau (Teana) NTGB FGU Fangatau Airport Public
Hao (Otepa) NTTO HOI Hao Airport Public 15,917
Hikueru (Tupapati) NTGH HHZ Hikueru Airport Public 1,732
Hiva Oa / Atuona NTMN HIX / AUQ Atuona Airport Restricted 28,569
Huahine / Fare NTTH HUH Huahine - Fare Airport Public 144,355
Katiu NTKT Katiu Airport Public 3,092
Kauehi (Tearavero) NTKA Kauehi Airport Public 2,871
Kaukura (Raitahiti) NTGK KKR Kaukura Airport Public 4,774
Makemo (Pouheva) NTGM MKP Makemo Airport Public 11,319
Manihi (Paeva) NTGI XMH Manihi Airport Public 15,689
Mataiva (Pahua) NTGV MVT Mataiva Airport Public 8,313
Maupiti NTTP MAU Maupiti Airport Public 18,539
Moorea / Temae (Afareitu) NTTM MOZ Moorea Airport Public 99,001
Napuka (Tepukamaruia) NTGN NAU Napuka Airport Public 2,199
Niau (Tupana) NTKN NIU Niau Airport Public 2,254
Nuku Hiva (Taoihae) NTMD NHV Nuku Hiva Airport Public 42,492
Nukutavake (Tavava) NTGW NUK Nukutavake Airport Public 1,297
Puka-Puka (Teonemahina) NTGP PKP Puka-Puka Airport Public
Pukarua NTGQ PUK Pukarua Airport Public 2,359
Raiatea / Uturoa NTTR RFP Raiatea Airport (Uturoa Airport) Public 202,643
Raivavae (Rairua) NTAV RVV Raivavae Airport Public 10,911
Rangiroa (Avatoru) NTTG RGI Rangiroa Airport Public 75,811
Raroia (Garumaoa) NTKO RRR Raroia Airport Public 2,496
Reao (Tapuarava) NTGE REA Reao Airport Public 2,477
Rimatara RMT Rimatara Airport Public 10,659
Rurutu (Moerai) NTAR RUR Rurutu Airport Public 23,322
Tahiti / Faa'a (Papeete) NTAA PPT Tahiti - Faa'a International Airport Public 1,169,819
Takapoto (Fakatopatere) NTGT TKP Takapoto Airport Public 3,105
Takaroa NTKR TKX Takaroa Airport Public 8,264
Takume (Ohomo) NTKM TJN Takume Airport Public
Tatakoto NTGO TKV Tatakoto Airport Public 2,339
Tetiaroa NTTE TTI Tetiaroa Airport Restricted
Tikehau (Tuherahera) NTGC TIH Tikehau Airport Public 36,465
Totegegie (Rikitea) NTGJ GMR Totegegie Airport Public 7,003
Tubuai / Mataura NTAT TUB Tubuai - Mataura Airport Public 22,326
Tureia (Fakamaru) NTGY ZTA Tureia Airport Public 2,928
Ua Huka (Hane) NTMU UAH Ua Huka Airport Restricted 6,591
Ua Pou (Hakahau) NTMP UAP Ua Pou Airport Restricted 8,915
Vahitahi (Mohitu) NTUV VHZ Vahitahi Airport Public 2,339

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