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Watercolor picture of a strawberry plant by Deborah Griscom Passmore in 1890

This is a list of topics about the strawberry. The strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria (collectively known as the strawberries). It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit. The fruit (which is not a botanical berry, but an aggregate accessory fruit) is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.

Strawberry topics[edit]


Gary Wishnatzki of Wish Farms

Dishes and foods[edit]

Strawberry shortcake


  • Bloodhound (cocktail) – a bright red strawberry cocktail made with gin, vermouth and strawberry coulis
  • Fruli – a strawberry Belgian fruit beer, produced at a craft brewery near Ghent, Belgium
  • XUXU – a liqueur produced in Germany which derives its flavor from the strawberry fruit. It also has a small amount of lime juice.








Fragaria x Comarum 'Pink Panda'
Fragaria daltoniana is a species of strawberry native to the Himalayas. Its fruit has a poor flavor, and is of no commercial value.[6][7][8]


Strawberry, Arkansas

Strawberry, Arizona


Strawberry Runners – American rock band and recording artist

Strawberry Switchblade - Scottish rock duo

Strawberry Alarm Clock - American psychedelic rock band




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