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This is a timeline of incidents in 1991 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 6 Bombing 3 7 Colombia La Dorada, Caldas, Colombia A bomb kills three and wounds seven in La Dorada, Caldas. No group claims responsibility.[1] Unknown Colombian conflict
January 9 Shooting 2 (+28) 8 Colombia Cerro Girasoles, Meta Department, Colombia The so-called Toma del Cerro Girasoles was an attack perpetrated by the guerrilla of the (FARC) on January 9, 1991 against the Girasoles military base, located on the hill of the same name, located in the mountainous region of the north Of the Serranía de la Macarena, southern Colombia, in the department of Meta.In spite of the number of casualties on the side of the FARC, in the attack they depleted the ammunition of the garrison of the army that was in the base and had to surrender.[2] FARC Colombian conflict
January 29 Ambush 9 Unknown Colombia Tibú, Colombia 9 soldiers are killed in an ambush by the National Guerrilla Coordinator (CNG) in Tibú (Norte de Santander). The truck in which it was mobilized with explosive weapons and fire of machine guns.[3] Coordinadora Nacional Guerrillera Colombian conflict
February 7 Mortar 0 4 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom The Provisional IRA launches homemade mortar shells at 10 Downing Street in an attempt to assassinate Prime Minister John Major and his war cabinet. PIRA The Troubles
February 18 Bombing 1 38 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom two bombs at London mainline stations, one at Victoria station and the other at Paddington station killing one person and injuring 38 other people all in the Victoria station bombing.[4] PIRA The Troubles
February 26 Shooting 3 9 Brazil Amazonas State, Brazil FARC guerrillas assaulted the Solimoes post in the remote region of the Traira river, border with Colombia. The coup leaves three brazilian soldiers dead and nine wounded.[5] FARC Colombian conflict
March 2 Bombing 19 73 Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka At least 19 people, including Sri Lanka's Deputy Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijeratne killed in an LTTE car bomb explosion in Colombo. A further 73 people injured.[6] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
March 20 Shooting, Kidnapping 3 59 kidnapped Colombia Antioquia Department, Colombia At the height of San Jose de Nus, near Cabañas Station, located in the jurisdiction of Caracolí (Antioquia), a group of ELN guerrillas stops a train and kidnaps 42 recruits from the National Army. On the same day, FARC rebels seize the population of Santa Helena del Opón, in Santander, killing 3 soldiers and kidnapping 17 more.[7] ELN and FARC Colombian conflict
March 26 Hijacking 4 (attackers) 2 Singapore Singapore Four members of the Pakistan People's Party hijack Singapore Airlines Flight 117 and demand the release of Asif Ali Zardari. The hijackers were killed after the plane was stormed by police and were the only fatalities. Pakistan People's Party
May 6-7 Shooting 3 (+20) 10 Colombia San Pablo, Bolívar, Colombia Guerrillas of the Simón Bolívar Coordinator attack the municipality of San Pablo (South of Bolívar). Three policemen die, but with backing of units of the Marine Corps, the subversives are rejected and the data of low about 20 militants.[8] CGSB Colombian conflict
May 13 Bombing 9 Colombia Colombia Nine police officers die while deactivating a bomb left behind by leftist guerillas.[9][10] CGSB Colombian conflict
May 21 Suicide bombing, assassination 15 (+1 attacker) India Sriperumbudur, India Former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi assassinated in a bomb blast believed to be the work of Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists belonging to the LTTE.[11] This is also the first time that the suicide vest is used by any terrorist group. LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
May 23 Shooting 10 1 Colombia Sardinata, Colombia CGSB guerrillas ambush a police patrol in the corregimiento of Las Mercedes, Sardinata, Norte de Santander. 7 uniformed and 3 civilians killed. In other incident 3 militants were shot dead.[12] CGSB Colombian conflict
May 29 Car bombing 9 44 Spain Vic, Spain A car bomb explodes near a Civil Guards barracks in Vic. Nine people, including 5 children, are killed. ETA Basque conflict
May 30 Bombing 11 8 Soviet Union Dagestan, Soviet Union A train traveling from Moscow to Baku explodes near Karvin-Yurt station between Gudermes and Makhachkala in Dagestan, Russia. Eleven people die and eight are injured.[13] Unknown
June 15 Massacre 80-126 India Ludhiana district, India Sikh militants massacre mostly Hindu passengers on two trains near Ludhiana. Sikh militants Insurgency in Punjab
June 19 Shooting 15 15 Colombia Sucre, Colombia ELN guerrillas ambush a police patrol in Corral Viejo, corregimiento of San Benito Abad (Sucre); There 7 uniformed die. Meanwhile, in Barranco Colorado, on the banks of the Ariari River, between the towns of Puerto Lleras and San José del Guaviare, guerrillas from front 1 of the FARC ambushed a patrol of the Marine Corps, and killed 8 soldiers.[14] ELN and FARC Colombian conflict
June 21 Suicide car bombing 60 85 Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka Suicide car bombing targeting the build that housed the Joint Operations Command of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
August 15 Attempted Arrack 3 (+12) 7 Colombia Santa Rosa de Simití, Colombia Guerrillas from the Farc Front 24 are trying to take the population of Santa Rosa de Simití, over the department of Bolivar. The attack fails and 12 insurgents die.[15] FARC Colombian conflict
September 16 Car bombing 3 30 Spain Mutxamel, Spain An ETA car bomb explodes while being towed away from an army barracks. The police were unaware it was a car bomb and had assumed it was an abandoned car. ETA Basque conflict
October Plot 0 0 Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada Five men of West Indian origin with links to Jamaat ul-Fuqra are arrested near the Canada–US border and later convicted of a plot to bomb a Hindu temple and an Indian theatre. Jamaat ul-Fuqra
October 15 Massacre 202 83 Sri Lanka Palliyagodella, Sri Lanka LTTE cadres attacked a Muslim village and shot and hacked to death 182 civilians (171 of them were Muslims), twelve policemen and eight soldiers; 83 others were injured.[16] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
October 18 Bombings 41 140 India Rudrapur, India Rudrapur bombings: Two time bomb blast, when people watching a Hindu pageant of Ramila, Rudrapur, Uttar Pradesh, India, which blame on Sikh separatist militant. Killing at least 41 and injuring 140 people.[17] Sikh militants Insurgency in Punjab
November 18 Shooting 15 (+12) Unknown Colombia Putumayo District, Colombia 1 petty officer and 9 agents are killed, on the road connecting Villa Garzon and Mocoa (Putumayo).Meanwhile, 12 insurgents, one soldier and three other police officers were killed in other events in several departments of the country.[18] FARC Front 32 Colombian conflict
December 21 Bombing 0 6 Hungary Budapest, Hungary Car bomb of RAF explodes near the bus of soviet jewish migrants.[19] Red Army Faction
December 26 Massacre 49 20+ India Punjab, India Sikh militants massacre 49 mostly Hindu passengers on a train traveling between Ludhiana to Ferozepur.[20] Sikh militants Insurgency in Punjab

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