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This is a timeline of incidents in 1992 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
February 5 Bombings 3 23 Ürümqi, China Four bombs targeting public buildings and two buses explode in Ürümqi, killing three and injuring 23. Uyghur nationalists Xinjiang conflict
February 5 Mass shooting 5 9 Belfast, Northern Ireland Five Catholic civilians are killed in a UDA attack on an Irish nationalist shop. UDA The Troubles
February 6 Car bombing 5 7 Madrid, Spain Four military personnel and a civilian employee of the military are killed by an ETA car bomb in Madrid ETA Basque conflict
February 14 Melee attack 3 1 Gal'ed, Israel A group of Israeli Arabs hack three IDF soldiers to death with knives, axes and a pitchfork. One other soldier is seriously wounded. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Israeli–Palestinian conflict
February 22 Shooting 13 Unknown Puerto Berrío, Colombia 12 soldiers and 1 civilian are killed in an explosive attack targeting an Army convoy in a semi-rotund spot in the Ité River Canyon, on the border of Remedios and Puerto Berrio (Antioquia).[1] FARC Colombian conflict
March 1 Bombing 0 0 Istanbul, Turkey The Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul is bombed by Hezbollah but no one is hurt. The bombing was the second of three attacks to occur at the synagogue with the others occurring in 1986 and 2003.[2] Hezbollah South Lebanon conflict
March 17 Suicide car bombing 29 (+1 attacker) 242 Buenos Aires, Argentina An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber rams his car into the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, destroying the embassy and a Catholic church and school that were nearby. Many of the dead were children. Argentina has accused Hezbollah of being involved in the attack. Islamic Jihad
Hezbollah (suspected)
South Lebanon conflict
April 10 Truck bombing 3 91 London, United Kingdom The Baltic Exchange building is destroyed by a Provisional IRA semtex truck bomb. PIRA The Troubles
April 12 Shooting 13 0 Huila Department, Colombia FARC guerrillas take the Silvania Inspection in Colombia (Huila), and kill 8 uniformed men. In its response, the Army killed 10 insurgents in Tolima, Magdalena, Cesar and Arauca, while seizing weapons and dynamite in Antioquia and Nariño.[3] FARC Colombian conflict
April 28–29 Bombings 1 4 Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan Seven bombs were discovered at McDonald's restaurants across Taiwan, three of which exploded. One police officer was killed and four civilians were injured. A plumber named Chen Hsi-Hsieh was convicted of the bombings and was found to have been attempting to extort money from McDonald's. His accomplice Pan Che-Ming was also convicted. Chen Hsi-Hsieh
Pan Che-Ming
April 29 Massacres 157 Polonnaruwa District, Sri Lanka A series of massacres occur in several towns in the eastern portion of the Polonnaruwa District in Sri Lanka. The LTTE, Home Guards and Sri Lankan Police were blamed for the massacres. LTTE
Home Guards
Sri Lankan Police
Sri Lankan Civil War
May 24 Melee attack 1 Bat Yam, Israel A 15-year-old Jewish girl named Helena Rapp is stabbed to death in Bat Yam by 18-year-old Islamic Jihad member Fouad Abd El Hani El Omrin. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Israeli–Palestinian conflict
May 31 Massacre 5 0 Meta Department, Colombia A massacre occurred at the site of Caño Sibao, Meta, Colombia, on May 31, 1992 in the framework of the political genocide against the Patriotic Union and the Colombian Communist Party. In that event five communist leaders of the patriotic union party were assassinated by paramilitary forces.[4] Paramilitary Colombian conflict
June 5 Truck Bombing 3 20 Jesus María District Lima, Peru A Truck Bomb Exploded loaded with half a ton of dynamite, went to the front of the station and exploded. The stations of the television station were destroyed, reason why they had to be rebuilt.[5] Shining Path Internal conflict in Peru
July 16 Truck bombings 25 155 Lima, Peru Two large truck bombs explode in the wealthy Miraflores District of Lima, killing 25, injuring 155 and damaging hundreds of houses and businesses. The communist group Shining Path claimed responsibility and the bombings were the deadliest attacks during Shining Path's insurgency. Shining Path Internal conflict in Peru
August 8 Land mine 8 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Eight high ranking Sri Lankan military officers, including Mohan Jayamaha and Denzil Kobbekaduwa are killed by an LTTE land mine in Jaffna. LTTE Sri Lankan Civil War
September 1 Bombing 9 7 Medellín, Colombia Nine die, including a six-month-old baby, and seven are injured when a bomb explodes in a suburb of Medellín.[6] Medellín Cartel Colombian conflict
November 15 Massacre 9 0 Medellín, Colombia At least eight children and one young adult by the Colombian police that took place on November 15, 1992 in the city of Medellín. Colombian National Police Colombian conflict
November 16 Suicide bombing, assassination 4 (+1 attacker) Colombo, Sri Lanka Head of the Sri Lankan Navy Clancy Fernando is killed in a suicide bombing along with Lieutenant commander Sandun Gunasekera, his Flag Lieutenant and his driver. LTTE Sri Lankan Civil War
November 12 Shooting 2 (+12) 1 (+Unknown) Geneva, Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia During a failed assault on the population of Geneva (Valle), 12 FARC guerrillas die in combat.[7] FARC Colombian conflict
November 26 Assassination 1 0 Meta Department, Colombia The Colombian politician José Rodrigo García Orozco, who was also a member of the Patriotic Union, was assassinated and at that time served as Deputy of the Departmental Assembly of Meta.[8] Paramilitary Colombian conflict
December 3 Bombing 14 0 Medellín, Colombia Ten police officers and four civilians die when a bomb planted by drug traffickers explode in Medellín.[9] Medellín Cartel Colombian conflict
December 9 Bombing 0 10 Bogotá, Colombia Ten injured as bombs explode in several hotels in the Colombian Capital[10] ELN Colombian conflict
December 10 Shooting, Kidnapping 3 50 Kidnapped Antioquia, Colombia About 40 gunmen of the Cartel de Medellín under the command of Pablo Escobar, install an illegal stop on the avenue of Las Palmas, on the road that leads to the airport of Rionegro (Antioquia). 3 people are killed and 50 civilians kidnapped.[11] Medellín cartel Colombian conflict
December 13 Kidnapping and murder 1 0 Lod, Israel Israeli soldier Nissim Toledano is kidnapped by Hamas, who threatened to kill him unless Israel released Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. After Israel failed to release Yassin, Toledano was murdered. Hamas Israeli–Palestinian conflict
December 29 Bombing 0 52 Medellín, Colombia Two police officers and 50 civilians wounded when a car bomb explodes at a party in a suburban area of Medellín.[12] Medellín Cartel Colombian conflict
December 29 Bombings 2 7 Aden, Yemen Al-Qaeda bombs the Gold Mohur Hotel and Aden Mövenpick Hotel in Aden in hopes of killing American soldiers, but only succeed in killing an Austrian tourist and a hotel employee. The bombings were the first attack on Americans by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda

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