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This is a list of terrorist incidents which took place in 2017, including attacks by violent non-state actors for political motives. Note that terrorism related to drug wars and cartel violence is not included in these lists. Ongoing military conflicts are listed separately.

List guidelines[edit]

  • To be included, entries must be notable (have a stand-alone article) and described by a consensus of reliable sources as "terrorism".
  • List entries must comply with the guidelines outlined in the manual of style under MOS:TERRORIST.
  • Casualties figures in this list are the total casualties of the incident including immediate casualties and later casualties (such as people who succumbed to their wounds long after the attacks occurred).
  • Casualties listed are the victims. Perpetrator casualties are listed separately (e.g. x (+y) indicate that x victims and y perpetrators were killed/injured).
  • Casualty totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus (+) sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 10+ indicates that at least 10 people have died) – the actual toll could be considerably higher. A figure with a plus (+) sign may also indicate that over that number of people are victims.
  • If casualty figures are 20 or more, they will be shown in bold. In addition, figures for casualties more than 50 will also be underlined.
  • Incidents are limited to one per location per day. If multiple attacks occur in the same place on the same day, they will be merged into a single incident.
  • In addition to the guidelines above, the table also includes the following categories:
  0 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  1–19 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  20–49 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  50–99 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  100+ people were killed/injured by the incident.


Total incidents: 101

Date Type Dead Injured Location Article Details Perpetrator Part of
Jan 1 Shooting 39 70 Istanbul, Turkey 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting One gunman killed 39 individuals in the Reina Nightclub located in Istanbul during 2016–2017 New Year eve celebrations.[1][2] Islamic State Turkey–ISIL conflict
Jan 2 Suicide car bombings 56 (+3) 122 Baghdad, Iraq January 2017 Baghdad bombings A series of car bombings in Sadr City and other parts of Baghdad killed at least 56 people and injured more than 120 others.[3] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
Jan 2 Suicide car bombing 7 (+1) 17 Mogadishu, Somalia 2 January 2017 Mogadishu bombings A suicide car bombing killed 7 people and injured 17 others at a checkpoint near Aden Adde International Airport in the Somali capital.[4] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
Jan 4 Jailbreak, shootout 2 (+5) 1 Kidapawan, Philippines 2017 Kidapawan jail siege Around 100 gunmen attacked the North Cotabato District Jail in Kidapawan in the Southern Philippines. A total of 158 inmates escaped, fourteen of whom were quickly recaptured, while five others were killed.[5] Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (suspected) Moro conflict
Jan 5 Car bombing, shooting 2 (+2) 10 Izmir, Turkey 2017 İzmir Courthouse Attack A car bomb exploded outside a courthouse in Izmir, killing at least two people and triggering a deadly shootout. Two of the attackers were killed, while a third managed to escape.[6][7][8] Kurdistan Freedom Falcons[9] Kurdish–Turkish conflict
Jan 6 Shooting 5 ~42 Fort Lauderdale, United States Fort Lauderdale airport shooting A mass shooting occurred at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Broward County, Florida, United States, on January 6, 2017, near the baggage claim in Terminal 2. Five people were killed while six others were injured in the shooting. About 36 people sustained injuries in the ensuing panic.[10][11][12][13] Esteban Santiago-Ruiz Terrorism in the United States
Jan 7 Car bombing 60+ 50 Azaz, Syria January 2017 Azaz bombing At least 60 people were killed and 50 others wounded in a car bomb attack at a marketplace in the rebel-held northern town of Azaz.[14] Islamic State (suspected) Syrian Civil War
Jan 8 Vehicular attack 4 (+1) 17 East Jerusalem, Israel 2017 Jerusalem truck attack At least four people were killed and 17 others were injured when a truck rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers.[15] Lone wolf Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Jan 18 Suicide bombings 77 (+1) 115 Gao, Mali 2017 Gao bombing Five suicide bombers exploded near a NATO army base. At least 65 people were killed while an unknown number of people were injured.

There were no reported casualties among the NATO troops.[16][17] Al-Mourabitoun claimed responsibility.[18]

Al-Mourabitoun Northern Mali Conflict
Jan 21 Bombing 25 87 Parachinar, Pakistan 2017 Parachinar bombing A bomb that was placed in a vegetable crate exploded at a vegetable market in Parachinar, a city in Pakistan's Kurram Agency tribal area.[19][20][21] Lashkar-e-Jhangvi & Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan War in Northwest Pakistan
Jan 25 Suicide car bombings,
28 (+4) 43+ Mogadishu, Somalia 2017 Dayah Hotel attack At least 28 people, including four members of the security forces and 24 civilians, died in a coordinated attack against the Dayah Hotel in central Mogadishu. More than 40 others were injured, and four attackers were killed.[22][23][24] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
Jan 29 Shooting 6 17 Quebec City, Canada Quebec City mosque shooting At least six people were killed and 17 others injured when a gunman opened fire at a mosque. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Philippe Couillard called the shooting a terrorist attack,[25][26] but the suspect was not charged with terrorism.[27] Alexandre Bissonnette (suspected) Terrorism in Canada
Feb 13 Suicide bombing 18 (+1) 90+ Lahore, Pakistan 2017 Lahore suicide bombing A powerful bomb blast ripped through a protest in the Pakistani city of Lahore, killing at least 14 people and wounding 90. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility.[28] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Spillover of the War in North-West Pakistan
Feb 15 Suicide bombing 2 (+1) 12+ Peshawar, Pakistan 2017 Hayatabad suicide bombing A suicide bomber targeted a vehicle carrying local judges and government officials killing the driver and a civilian and wounding five passengers.[29][30] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Spillover of the War in North-West Pakistan
Feb 16 Suicide bombing 91+ (+1) 300+ Sehwan, Pakistan Sehwan suicide bombing A suicide bombing at a popular shrine in southern Pakistan killed at least 91 people and wounded over 300. The Islamic State claimed responsibility.[31][32] Islamic State – Khorasan Province Spillover of the War in North-West Pakistan
Feb 21 Suicide bombings 7 (+3) 21 Charsadda, Pakistan 2017 Charsadda suicide bombing At least seven people, including a lawyer were killed and 21 others injured as a sessions court in Charsadda was hit by multiple suicide bombers.[33] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar War in North-West Pakistan
Feb 23 Shooting 1 2 Kansas City, United States 2017 Olathe, Kansas shooting A Kansas man shot three people after yelling "get out of my Country." The gunman said he believed the men he shot were Middle Eastern, but the victims were Indian engineers.An Indian man was killed and another was injured. Ian Grillot, an American who tried to save them, was also shot.[34] Lone wolf Terrorism in the United States
Mar 7 Bombing 0 10 Madhya Pradesh, India 2017 Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger train bombing In first ISIS attack on India, terrorists known to authorities planted low intensity pipe bombs which exploded on a train at the Jabri railway station injuring 10 passengers. Islamic State Terrorism in India
Mar 8 Suicide bombing, shootings 100+ 63+ Kabul, Afghanistan March 2017 Kabul attack A team of gunmen staged a complex assault on a military hospital in the Wazir Akbar Khan section of Kabul. At least 43+ people were initially reported killed, while 63 others were injured. Local reports later suggested the death toll was over 100.[35][36][37] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
Mar 11 Car bombing, suicide bombing 74 (+1) 120+ Damascus, Syria March 2017 Damascus bombings Twin bombings in the Old City of Damascus killed at least 74 and injured more than 100 others, most of them Iraqi Shia pilgrims.[38][39] Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
Mar 15 Suicide bombings 40 (+2) 30+ Damascus, Syria March 2017 Damascus bombings A suicide bomber detonated his vest outside the Palace of Justice, killing and injuring dozens. A second suicide blast took place at a restaurant in the Rabweh area of Damascus, killing and injuring an unknown number of people.In the two attacks, 40 people were killed and more than 30 were injured.[40] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
Mar 17 Suicide bombing 0 (+1) 2 Dhaka, Bangladesh 2017 Dhaka RAB camp suicide bombing A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a camp of Bangladesh's anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion, injuring two security personnel.[41] Islamic State Terrorism in Bangladesh
Mar 20 Stabbing 1 0 New York City, United States Murder of Timothy Caughman James Harris Jackson, a white supremacist, stabbed an African-American to death in New York. He revealed that he planned larger attacks against black men in New York's Times Square.[42] White Supremacist Terrorism in the United States
Mar 22 Suicide bombings 8 (+5) 20+ Maiduguri, Nigeria March 2017 Maiduguri attack At least eight people have been killed in multiple suicide blasts along a highway in Maiduguri.[43] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
Mar 22 Vehicle attack, stabbing 5 (+1) 50 London, United Kingdom 2017 Westminster attack 52-year-old Khalid Masood drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four and causing numerous injuries before crashing the car into the railings of the Palace of Westminster. The attacker then fled from the vehicle and attempted to gain access through the Palace gates, fatally stabbing a police officer before being shot dead by a plain clothes police officer. In total there were 50 injuries reported, 30 of which required hospital treatment, 7 of which were critical.[44][45][46][47] Khalid Masood Islamic terrorism in the West
Mar 25 Suicide bombing, bombings, shooting 7 (+4) 40+ South Surma Upazila, Bangladesh 2017 South Surma Upazila bombings A suicide bombing killed 7 (four civilians and three police officers) and wounded more than 40 in South Surma Upazila, Bangladesh. Later, other bombs exploded and gunfire have occurred. Islamic State claimed responsibility. Three militants were also killed.[48][49] Islamic State Terrorism in Bangladesh
Mar 31 Car bombing 24 70+ Parachinar, Pakistan March 2017 Parachinar suicide bombing At least 24 people have been killed and more than 70 injured in a blast outside a mosque in north-west Pakistan. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack.[50] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Operation Ghazi
Apr 3 Suicide bombing 15 (+1) 64 St Petersburg, Russia 2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing A suicide bombing occurred on the St Petersburg Metro, on the day Vladimir Putin was due to visit the city. 16 people[citation needed] were killed in the attack, including the suicide bomber. 64 others were also injured. Russian media has reported that he travelled to Syria in 2014 and trained with militants. Imam Shamil Battalion, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack.[51][52][53][54][55] Imam Shamil Battalion Islamic terrorism in Europe
Apr 5 Suicide bombing 8 (+1) 19 Lahore, Pakistan April 2017 Lahore suicide bombing A suicide bomber kills at least 8 people including 4 soldiers and another 19 people near a Pakistan Army vehicle taking part in the census in the city of Lahore. Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility.[56] Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan War in North-West Pakistan
Apr 5 Shooting, Suicide bombings 35 40 Tikrit, Iraq 2017 Tikrit attacks Insurgents kills at least 35 people, including 14 security forces. The attack occurred in Tikrit and was claimed by Islamic State.[57] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
Apr 7 Vehicular attack 5 14 Stockholm, Sweden 2017 Stockholm truck attack Five people[58] were killed when a truck driven by an Uzbek man steered into a pedestrian shopping street and a department store. 14 others were wounded. The police and the Government are treating it as a terrorist attack. The truck was hijacked just moments before the attack. The man admitted that he was inspired by Islamic State.[59] Rakhmat Akilov Islamic terrorism in Europe
Apr 9 Suicide bombing 30 (+1) 70 Tanta, Egypt Palm Sunday church bombings 30 people were killed and at least 70 were injured in an explosion in a Coptic Church in Tanta, Egypt. Initial investigations show the terrorist blew himself up during the church's Palm Sunday services, causing mass destruction at the scene. Near a police station, there was also an attack.[60] Islamic State Insurgency in Egypt
Apr 9 Suicide bombing 17 (+1) 66 Alexandria, Egypt Palm Sunday church bombings A suicide bomber has detonated an explosion outside Saint Mark’s Church in Alexandria’s Manshyia district. 16 persons were killed and 66 others were injured. There was also an explosion in Chouhada Street in Alexandria.[60] Islamic State Insurgency in Egypt
Apr 14 Stabbing 1 2 Jerusalem, Israel 2017 Jerusalem Light Rail stabbing A Palestinian terrorist stabbed a British student in the Jerusalem Light Rail near to the Tzahal square and killed her.[61] Palestinian Nationalist Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Apr 15 Suicide car bombing 126 100+ Aleppo, Syria 2017 Aleppo suicide car bombing A strong explosion occurred in a district of Aleppo. According to provisional data, a motor bomb had exploded. The blast killed more than 126 people.[62] Unknown Syrian Civil War
Apr 20 Shooting 1 (+1) 3 Paris, France 2017 shooting of Paris police officers One police officer was killed, two others and a woman injured in a shooting in the Champs-Élysées area of Paris. One of the two gunmen was killed in the attack. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.[63] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
Apr 21 Shooting 256 (+10) 160+ Balkh Province, Afghanistan 2017 Camp Shaheen attack Attack of military base by Taliban insurgents in northern Afghanistan killed 250 Afghan soldiers. More than 160 were also injured.[64] Taliban War in Afghanistan
Apr 24 Ambush 25 (+3-4) 7 Sukma, India 2017 Sukma attack Suspected Maoist rebels ambushed a group of Central Reserve Police Force officers who were guarding road workers in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. At least 25 CRPF soldiers were killed and 7 others were critically injured in the attack, which was one of the deadliest in recent years. Maoists killed 11 soldiers in a similar ambush in the same district at the beginning of March.[65][66] CPI (suspected) Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
May 8 Bombing 0 4 Peshawar, Pakistan May 2017 Peshawar bombings Two bombs exploded in Peshawar while the third one was defused by Bomb Disposal Squad. Three officials of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) were injured. Beside CTD officials, a passerby was also injured.[67] Unknown War in North-West Pakistan
May 9 Car bombings 1 60 Pattani, Thailand 2017 Pattani bombing Sixty people were confirmed injured when two bombs went off at Big C Supercenter in Muang district. A canvas vendor was killed before his truck was stolen to be used as the bomb delivery system.[68][69] Barisan Revolusi Nasional (suspected) South Thailand insurgency
May 12 Suicide bombing 28 (+1) 37 Mastung, Pakistan 2017 Mastung bombing 28 people were killed and 37 were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Pakistan's city of Mastung.[70] Islamic State claimed responsibility.[71] Islamic State War in North-West Pakistan
May 20 Shooting 141+ 100+ Wadi al Shatii District, Libya Brak El-Shati airbase raid At least 141 soldiers and civilians were killed in an attack in Southern Libya.[72] Misrata Militants (suspected) Second Libyan Civil War
May 22 Suicide bombing 22 (+1) 800+ Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester Arena bombing A suicide bomber named Salman Abedi[73] blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killing at least 22 concertgoers and injuring more than 800 others.[74][75] Salman Abedi Islamic terrorism in Europe
May 24 Suicide bombings 3 (+2) 10 Jakarta, Indonesia 2017 Jakarta bombings Three police officers were killed and ten others, five police officers and five civilians, injured when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a bus stop in Jakarta. The police confirmed that the bombers were members of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, a group linked to Islamic State.[76][77] Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid Terrorism in Indonesia
May 26 Shootings 28 25+ Minya, Egypt 2017 Minya attack 28 people have been killed and 25 wounded after gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt.[78][79] Islamic State (suspected) Insurgency in Egypt
May 30 Car bombing 30+ 40 Baghdad, Iraq Al-Faqma ice cream parlor bombing At least 30 people were killed and 40 more injured when a car bomb detonated while they were outside an ice cream shop. ISIS claimed responsibility.[80] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
May 31 Car bombing 150+ 413+ Kabul, Afghanistan May 2017 Kabul attack A car bombing in Kabul's diplomatic quarter killed at least 150 persons and wounded more than 400 others.[81][82][83] Haqqani network War in Afghanistan
Jun 3 Vehicular attack, Stabbing 8 (+3) 48 London, United Kingdom 2017 London Bridge attack A van ran over multiple pedestrians on the London Bridge. The men then drove to Borough Market, where they stabbed multiple people before being shot by police. 8 people were killed and 48 were injured.[84][85] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
Jun 5 Hostage taking, Shooting 1 (+1) 3 Brighton, Australia 2017 Brighton siege An Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)-inspired terrorist, Yacqub Khayre, killed a man and took a woman hostage before he was shot dead by police following a siege. During the course of the siege three police officers were wounded. Khayre was acquitted in 2011 of involvement in the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot, but was jailed in 2012[86] over a home invasion and released in November 2016 on parole.[87] Islamic State Terrorism in Australia
Jun 6 Bombing 10 16 Herat, Afghanistan 2017 Herat bombing At least seven civilians were killed and 15 more wounded in a bomb blast outside the historic Jama Masjid of Herat, in the western and relatively calm province of Herat.[88] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
Jun 6 Melee attack 0 1 (+1) Paris, France 2017 Notre Dame attack A police officer who was outside Notre-Dame Cathedral was injured after he was attacked by a man with a hammer, who was then shot by police.[89] Lone wolf Islamic terrorism in Europe
Jun 7 Shooting, suicide Bombings 18 (+5) 52 Tehran, Iran 2017 Tehran attacks The Iranian parliament and the Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini were attacked by seven armed men with pistols and Kalashnikov rifles.[90] Islamic State Assassination and terrorism in Iran
Jun 14 Shooting 0 (+1) 6 Alexandria, United States Congressional baseball shooting A gunman targeting republican lawmakers, opened fire at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, leaving at least five wounded. A top US Republican, Steve Scalise, was critically injured.[91] Lone wolf Terrorism in the United States
Jun 16 Stabbing, shooting 1 (+3) 4 Jerusalem, Israel June 2017 Jerusalem attack Border Police guard was killed and four others were lightly to moderately injured in a coordinated stabbing and shooting attack in two areas in Jerusalem's Old City.[92][93] Islamic State (claimed)
Terrorism in Israel
Jun 17 Bombing 3 9 Bogota, Colombia Centro Andino bombing A bomb exploded in a women's bathroom at Bogota's upscale Andino mall, killing three civilians including a French national and injuring at least nine others. No group has claimed responsibility but Colombian security forces had recently warned that paramilitary group Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia (AGC), and the Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo could be the perpetrators.[94] MRP (suspected) Terrorism in Colombia
Jun 19 Vehicular attack 1 10 London, United Kingdom 2017 Finsbury Park attack A vehicle rammed into people walking out of a mosque in the Finsbury Park neighborhood of London. Local authorities have said that there are multiple casualties. This is the third vehicle ramming attack in London in the past 3 months and the second to happen in June. Lone wolf (suspected) Terrorism in the United Kingdom
Jun 20 Attempted suicide bombing, Shooting, Melee attack 0 (+1) 0 Brussels, Belgium June 2017 Brussels attack A terrorist ran into Brussels Central Station, where he detonated a small bomb which caused no injuries. Still carrying a suicide vest, he ran to another part of the station. There he was shot and killed by soldiers who were guarding the station. The attempted attack was considered to have failed.[95][96] Islamist Islamic terrorism in Europe
Jun 21 Stabbing 0 1 Flint, United States 2017 Bishop International Airport incident A man, while shouting "Allah Akbar", stormed Bishop International Airport near Flint, Michigan. A police officer was seriously injured when he was stabbed in the neck by the terrorist. The airport was evacuated and a large cordon was established around the area.[97] Islamist Terrorism in the United States
Jun 21 Bombing 34+ 60+ Lashkargah, Afghanistan June 2017 Kabul bank attack In a bomb attack on a branch of the Kabul Bank in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, at least 34 people have been killed and some 60 others have been injured.[citation needed] Taliban War in Afghanistan
Jun 23 Suicide bombings 78 (+2) 200+ Parachinar, Pakistan June 2017 Pakistan bombings At least 78 people were killed and more than 200 were injured as two bomb blasts took place in a Parachinar market.[98][99] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar War in North-West Pakistan
Jun 23 Car bombing 13 (+1) 20 Quetta, Pakistan June 2017 Pakistan bombings At least 13 people were killed and 20 wounded in a car bomb attack near the provincial police chief’s office in the southwestern Quetta city in Pakistan.[100] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar War in North-West Pakistan
Jun 23 Shootings 4 1 Karachi, Pakistan June 2017 Pakistan bombings In the late Friday evening (local time) Karachi shot men from motorcycles on policemen in the city of Karachi in southern Pakistan. Four police officers were killed in an industrial area attack and one had been injured.[citation needed] Islamist (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
Jul 5 Melee attack, shooting 0 12 Caracas, Venezuela 2017 Venezuelan National Assembly attack A group of Maduro supporters violently interrupted in the Venezuelan Parliament and injured twelve deputies.[101] Colectivos, Venezuelan National Guard and pro-government civilians Venezuelan protests
Jul 10 Shooting 7 19 Anantnag district, India 2017 Amarnath Yatra attack In an attack masterminded by Lashkar-e-Taiba, militants first attacked a police bunker and then a police naka party in the Anantnag district. A bus carrying pilgrims to Amarnath Temple was caught in the crossfire between militants and policemen, leaving seven pilgrims dead and 19 others injured.[102] Lashkar-e-Taiba Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
Jul 14 Shooting 2 (+3) 1 Jerusalem, Israel 2017 Temple Mount shooting Three Arab citizens of Israel opened fire on Israeli police officers at the Temple Mount. They hit them near the Lions' Gate and fled to mosques of the mount. Three officers were shot and injured, two of them critically. The three attackers, that were armed with rifles and a handgun, were all shot dead by police.[citation needed] Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (suspected) Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Jul 14 Stabbing 3 3 Hurghada, Egypt 2017 Hurghada attack Two German tourists and a Czech citizen, who succumb to her wounds on 27 July in an hospital in Cairo, were killed and three other tourists were injured when a knifeman attacked a holiday resort in Hurghada. The attacker communicated with the Islamic State via internet and was given the task of attacking foreign tourists on Hurghada beaches by the group.[103] Islamic State Insurgency in Egypt
Jul 21 Stabbing 3 1 (+1) Halamish, West Bank 2017 Halamish stabbing attack Three Israelis were killed and one severely wounded in a stabbing attack in the Israeli town of Halamish. The assailant, whom Channel 2 identified as Palestinian, was shot by a neighbour.[104] Islamist Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Jul 23 Melee attack 1 (+1) 1 Amman, Jordan 2017 Amman incident A Jordanian worker at the Israeli embassy stabbed a guard who shot the perpetrator dead. An bystander was also hit by the gunfire and later succumbed to his injuries[citation needed] Islamist Temple Mount crisis
Jul 24 Stabbing 0 1 Petah Tikva, Israel July 2017 Petah Tikva attack A 32-year old Israeli Arab civilian was stabbed in the neck in the city of Petah Tikva, by a Palestinian man from Qalqilya. The attacker was arrested and reportedly said that he "did it for Al-Aqsa".[105] Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (suspected) Temple Mount crisis
Jul 24 Suicide bombing 26 (+1) 54 Lahore, Pakistan July 2017 Lahore suicide bombing 26 people were killed and 54 others were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Lahore.[106] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan War in North-West Pakistan
Jul 28 Stabbing 1 6 Hamburg, Germany 2017 Hamburg attack One person was killed and six were seriously injured when a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" stabbed civilians in a supermarket in Hamburg.[107] Islamist Islamic terrorism in Europe
Jul 30 Shooting and bombing 12-39+ (+8) 7 Lower Shebelle, Somalia Golweyn ambush A convoy of Ugandan AMISOM peacekeepers and Somali soldiers was ambushed by Al-Shabaab, resulting in the death of many Ugandans.[108][109] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
Aug 1 Suicide bombing, shooting 33 (+2) 66 Herat, Afghanistan 2017 Herat mosque attack Two suicide bombers attacked a Shia mosque in Herat, killing at least 33 people and injuring more than 66. One of the bombers shot at worshipers with a rifle before detonating himself.[110][111] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
Aug 2 Stabbing 0 1 Yavneh, Israel 2017 Yavne attack A 19-year-old Palestinian man from Yatta, stabbed a 40-year-old Israeli civilian in a supermarket in the city of Yavneh, Israel. Hid indictment stated that the assailant traveled to Saudi Arabia in order to perform an Umrah, as part of a strengthening of his Islamic belief, and that he set out to attack a Jew in order to fulfill the Islamic commandment of Jihad. The victim suffered serious injuries and was taken to Kaplan Hospital. The attacker was arrested by police.[112][113] Ismail Abu Aram Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Aug 9 Vehicular attack 0 6(+1) Levallois-Perret, France 2017 Levallois-Perret attack On the morning of 9 August 2017, a car rammed into a group of soldiers in the Levallois-Perret commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris. Six soldiers patrolling the area as part of Opération Sentinelle were injured in the attack, three of them seriously. The driver fled the scene and, several hours later, was shot and arrested by an elite police unit on a highway near the town of Marquise, Pas-de-Calais after attempting to ram a roadblock.[114] Islamist Islamic terrorism in Europe
Aug 11 Bombing 3 26 Bajaur Agency, Pakistan 2017 Bajour bombing A roadside bomb killed at least three people and wounded 26 others in a Pakistani tribal district near the Afghan border.[115] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
Aug 12 Vehicular attack 1 19 Charlottesville, Virginia, United States Charlottesville car attack A car driven by neo-Nazi James Alex Fields plowed into a group of people marching peacefully during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. A person was killed and 19 were injured.[116] James Alex Fields Unite the Right Rally[117]
Aug 12 Suicide bombing 15 (+1) 32 Quetta, Pakistan August 2017 Quetta suicide bombing A blast in the Pakistani city of Quetta in Balochistan province killed at least 15 people and injured 32 others.[118] Islamic State War in North-West Pakistan
Aug 14 Shootings 19 (+3) 22 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 2017 Ouagadougou attack 19 people were killed and 22 others were injured when suspected jihadists opened fire on a Turkish restaurant and Hotel in Ouagadougou. Three attackers were also killed.[119] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
Aug 14 Bombing 8 4 Harnai District, Pakistan 2017 Harnai bombing At least eight Pakistani soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb blast in Harnai district of Baluchistan. The Balochistan liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack.[120][121][122] Balochistan Liberation Army (suspected) Insurgency in Balochistan
Aug 17-22 Vehicular attacks, Stabbings, Bombings, Attempted massive truck bombing 16 (+8) 152 Barcelona, Alcanar, Cambrils and Subirats, Catalonia, Spain 2017 Barcelona attacks 15 civilians were killed and more than 130 others were injured when a van ran over pedestrians in La Rambla of Barcelona. Two of the attackers were arrested and another, who fled, stabbed to death a civilian then stole his car in Barcelona and also ran the car into three Catalan police officers in Avinguda Diagonal of Barcelona injuring one. A woman was killed and six others injured in Cambrils attack when a car tried to run into pedestrians and later attackers stabbed people with knives, axes and machetes. Sixteen people were injured in Alcanar bombings, that police believe were intended for a Barcelona attack. In the two bombings, two terrorists were also killed. The van driver was shot dead in Subirats, a village in the south of Barcelona by Mossos d'Esquadra, the Catalan police. According to the police, the terrorists were preparing much stronger attacks than 2004 Madrid bombings.[123][124][125][126][127] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
Aug 18 Stabbing 2 8 Turku, Finland 2017 Turku attack Two people were killed and eight others sustained injuries in a stabbing attack in central Turku.[128] Islamists Islamic terrorism in Europe
Aug 25 Hostage taking, executions 99+ Unknown Maungdaw District, Myanmar Kha Maung Seik massacre The villages in a cluster known as Kha Maung Seik in northern Maungdaw District of Rakhine State in Myanmar were attacked by armed insurgents. At least 99 Hindus were killed.[129] Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army Northern Rakhine State clashes
Aug 25 Stabbing 0 (+1) 2 Brussels, Belgium August 2017 Brussels attack Two soldiers were lightly wounded after a machete-wielding man attacked them in Brussels. The perpetrator was shot dead at the scene, and the surrounding area was promptly evacuated.[130] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
Sep 14 Suicide car bombing, Shooting 84 (+4) 93 Nasiriyah, Iraq 2017 Nasiriyah attacks An Islamic State attack caused at least 84 deaths and more than 90 injuries. The first attack struck close to a restaurant while shortly afterwards a car bomb targeted a security checkpoint in the same area, near Nasiriyah in the governorate of Dhi Qar.[131][132][133] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
Sep 15 Bombing 0 30 London, United Kingdom Parsons Green train bombing A crude homemade bomb partially exploded on a District line tube train at Parsons Green tube station, London injuring thirty people.[134] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
Sep 26 Shooting 3 (+1) 1 Har Adar, West Bank 2017 Har Adar shooting A Palestinian gunman killed three Israeli soldiers and critically injured a fourth. The gunman was shot and killed by the other soldiers. The Israeli authorities described the incident as a terrorist attack.[135] Palestinian nationalist (suspected) Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Sep 30 Stabbing, vehicular attack 0 5 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2017 Edmonton attack An Edmonton Police Officer was stabbed near Commonwealth Stadium and four pedestrians were injured by a fleeing rental van.[136] Abdulahi Sharif Terrorism in Canada
Oct 1 Knife attack 2 (+1) 0 Marseille, France 2017 Marseille stabbing A man with a knife attacked and killed two women at Saint Charles station and he was shot dead by police officers. The incident is being treated as an 'act of terrorism'. The perpetrator is alleged to have yelled "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.[137][138][139] Ahmed Hanachi[140] Islamic terrorism in Europe
Oct 4 Ambush 9 (+21) 10 Tillabéri Region, Niger Tongo Tongo ambush Four U.S. Army personnel and five Nigerien soldiers were killed and 10 others were injured after being ambushed while assisting local forces in southwest Niger. No group has claimed responsibility but officials have suspected that the Islamic State was behind the attack.[141][142] Islamic State (suspected) Insurgency in the Maghreb
Oct 14 Truck bombing 587 316 Mogadishu, Somalia 14 October 2017 Mogadishu bombings A heavy blast caused by a truck VBIED bombing in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu in a busy area near a hotel left 587 killed and more than 316 injured.[143][144][145][146] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
Oct 28 Car bombings, Shootings 25 30 Mogadishu, Somalia 28 October 2017 Mogadishu attacks An explosion occurs near the national theater area in Mogadishu, Somalia, two weeks after a similar attack.[147][148][149] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
Oct 31 Vehicular assault 8 11 (+1) New York City, United States 2017 New York City truck attack A pickup truck rammed into pedestrians near the World Trade center in New York, killing eight people and injuring 11 others. An ISIS flag and a note that read "Islamic State lives forever" in Arabic were found near the truck. The attacker was self-radicalized and he had followed the Islamic State group's advice on social media on how to carry out vehicular attacks.[150][151] Islamic State Terrorism in the United States
Nov 21 Suicide bombing 50 Dozens Mubi, Nigeria 2017 Mubi bombing 50 people were killed in a suicide attack in a mosque in Adamawa State in eastern Nigeria by Boko Haram.[152] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
Nov 24 Bombing, shootings 309+ 128+ Bir al-Abed, Egypt 2017 Sinai attack Attackers put explosives around the mosque and set fire to them when worshippers left after Friday prayers. Then they shot at the survivors.[153][154][155][156][157] Islamic State (suspected) Sinai insurgency
Nov 24 Suicide bombing 2 (+1) 8 Peshawar, Pakistan 2017 Peshawar police vehicle attack A motorcycle suicide bomber targeted a police vehicle of AIG Asharf Noor while he was travelling to work. Noor and his guard were killed and eight other police in the AIG's squad were injured.[158][159][160] Lashkar-e-Islam (suspected) Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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