Listed buildings in Sheffield City Centre

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This is a list of listed buildings in Sheffield City Centre. For the purposes of this list, the city centre is defined as being equivalent to the S1 postcode district. For other areas inside the Sheffield Inner Ring Road which are sometimes regarded as part of the city centre, see listed buildings in S2, listed buildings in S3, listed buildings in S4 and listed buildings in S10.

Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
Abacus House II Norfolk Street Abacus House.jpg c.1791
Aberdeen Works II Trafalgar Street Aberdeen Works.jpg 1883
Anglo Works II Trippet Lane Anglo Works.jpg c.1800
92 Arundel Street II Arundel Street 92 Arundel Street.jpg Early-19th century
92A Arundel Street II Arundel Street 92A Arundel Street 2013.jpg Early-19th century
Bankers Draft II Market Place Bankers Draft.jpg c.1900
18 & 20 Bank Street II Bank Street 18 20 Bank Street.jpg Mid-19th century
22 & 24 Bank Street II Bank Street 22 and 24 Bank Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
26 & 28 Bank Street II Bank Street 26 and 28 Bank Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1830
30 Bank Street II Bank Street 30 Bank Street, Sheffield.jpg Early-19th century
36 & 38 Bank Street II Bank Street Bank street arts front.jpg Early-19th century Forms part of Bank Street Arts
40 & 42 Bank Street II Bank Street 40 42 Bank Street.jpg c.1830
Blonk Street Bridge II Blonk Street Blonk Street Bridge.jpg Mid-19th century
Boundary wall II St Paul's Parade MeasuresSheffield.jpg 1910 Incorporates examples of standard measures
Bow Centre II Holly Street Bow Centre.jpg 1894 Designed by J. B. Mitchell-Withers
Boy's Charity School II East Parade Bluecoat School, East Parade, Sheffield - - 1472827.jpg 1825
Brown Bear II Norfolk Street Brown Bear, Sheffield.jpg Late-18th century
Butchers Wheel II* Eyre Lane Butchers Wheel.JPG 1820s-1870s
Cairns Chambers II Church Street Cairns Chambers, Church Street, Sheffield - - 1472784.jpg c.1880
32 Cambridge Street II Cambridge Street Bethel Sunday School. - - 1577934.jpg 1832 Forms part of The Cutler pub
23 Carver Street II Carver Street 23 Carver Street, Sheffield.jpg Early-19th century
35 Carver Street II Carver Street 35 Carver Street, Sheffield.jpg 1812
Castle Courtyard Remains II Castle Market Late-13th century
Castle Gateway Remains II Castle Market 13th-century
Castle Remains II Castle Market 13th-century
Cathedral Church of St Marie II Norfolk Row Cathedral Church of St Marie.JPG 1848 Designed by Matthew Hadfield
Cathedral House II Norfolk Row Cathedral House.jpg 1903
Central Library II Surrey Street Sheffield Central Library 26-12-06.jpg 1934 Designed by W. G. Davies
Challenge Works II Arundel Street Challenge Works.jpg c.1880
Channing Hall II Surrey Street Channing Hall.jpg Late-19th century
5 Church Street II Church Street 5 Church Street, Sheffield.jpg 1867 Designed by Flockton & Abbott
17 Church Street II Church Street 17 Church Street, Sheffield.jpg 1838 Designed by Samuel Worth
City Hall II* Barkers Pool Sheffield city hall 3.png 1934 Designed by Vincent Harris
City Works II Mary Street City Works.jpg Late-19th century
County Court Hall II Bank Street County Court Hall.jpg 1854
Crucible Stack II Blonk Street Late-19th century
Crucible Theatre II Tudor Square Sheffield crucible.png 1971 Designed by Tanya Moiseiwitsch
Cutlers' Hall II* Church Street Cutlers Hall 908.jpg 1832 Designed by Samuel Worth and B. B. Taylor
Duke of Norfolk's Estate Office II St James' Street Duke of Norfolk's Estate Office.jpg c.1850
2 & 3 East Parade II East Parade 2 and 3 East Parade, Sheffield.jpg Mid-19th century
4-8 East Parade II East Parade 4-8 East Parade, Sheffield.jpg c.1900
11 East Parade II East Parade No 11 East Parade, Sheffield - - 1472805.jpg Early-19th century
12-13 East Parade II East Parade No 12 East Parade, Sheffield - - 1472814.jpg Late-18th century
49-63 Fargate II Fargate Sheffield, shops on Fargate - - 793560.jpg 1890
Former Post Office II Flat Street The Old Post Office, Flat Street, Sheffield - - 1472778.jpg Early-19th century
Foster's Buildings II High Street Foster's Buildings, High Street.jpg 1897 Designed by Flockton, Gibbs & Flockton
48-50 Garden Street II Garden Street 48 & 50 Garden Street.jpg Early-19th century
52, 54 and 56 Garden Street II Garden Street 56 Garden Street.jpg c.1840
12 & 14 George Street II George Street No's 12-14, George Street, Sheffield - - 1471366.jpg c.1870
16 George Street II George Street Georges Coffee House, George Street, Sheffield - - 1471344.jpg Mid-18th century
35 George Street II George Street Alliance and Assurance, George Street, Sheffield - - 1471357.jpg 1914
Gibson Works II Mary Street Gibson Works.jpg Late-19th century
Girls Charity School II St James' Row Sheffield Girls Charity School.jpg 1786
Gladstone Building II Church Street Gladstone Building.jpg c.1880
Graduate Pub II Surrey Street The Graduate, Surrey Street.jpg c.1850
Hallam House II Arundel Street Hallam House.jpg 1791
Head Post Office II Fitzalan Square Sheffield, the old main post office - - 1291966.jpg c.1890
2 High Street II High Street 2 High Street, Sheffield.jpg 1895
Holly Building II Holly Street Holly Building.jpg 1899 Designed by H. W. Lockwood
Howard Hotel II Pond Street The Howard pub, Sheffield (side view) - DSC07422.JPG Early-19th century
James Montgomery Memorial Fountain II Broad Lane James Montgomery Memorial Fountain.jpg c.1875
K6 phonebox II Leopold Street K6 Phone Box, Leopold St.jpg At junction with Orchard Street
K6 phoneboxes II Pinfold Street Two K6 Phone Boxes, Pinfold Street.JPG Outside Steel City House
K6 phonebox II West Street Outside Bow Centre
Kemsley House II High Street Sheffield, High Street - - 794340.jpg 1916 Designed by Gibbs, Flockton and Teather
Leader House II Surrey Street Leader House.jpg 1780
Leah's Yard II* Cambridge Street Leah's Yard.JPG Mid-19th century
Leopold Chambers II Leopold Street Leopold Chambers.jpg 1894 Designed by Holmes & Watson
7 Leopold Street II Leopold Street 7 Leopold Street, Sheffield.jpg 1888 Designed by J. D. Webster
Lyceum Theatre II* Tudor Square Sheffield Lyceum 18-12-06.jpg 1897 Designed by W. G. R. Sprague
104 Mary Street II Mary Street 104 Mary Street.jpg Late-19th century
Montgomery Chambers II East Parade No's 9-10 East Parade, Sheffield - - 1472792.jpg c.1820
Morton Works II West Street Morton Works.jpg c.1830
Mount Zion Chapel II Westfield Terrace Mount Zion Chapel.jpg 1834
8 & 10 Norfolk Row II Norfolk Row 8 and 10 Norfolk Row.jpg c.1830
12-20 Norfolk Row II Norfolk Row 12-20 Norfolk Row, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
22 Norfolk Row II Norfolk Row 22 Norfolk Row.jpg c.1830
111, 113 & 117 Norfolk Street II Norfolk Street 111 to 117 Norfolk Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
15 North Church Street II North Church Street 15 North Church Street.jpg Mid-19th century
17 North Church Street II North Church Street 17 North Church Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1840
19 North Church Street II North Church Street 19 North Church Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1830
Old Bank House II Hartshead Old Bank House.JPG 1728
Old Cathedral Vicarage II St James' Row Old Cathedral Vicarage.jpg c.1800
Old Monk II Norfolk Street Old Monk, Sheffield.jpg Late-19th century
Old Queen's Head II* Pond Hill Queenshead01.jpg c.1475
1-15 Paradise Square II* Paradise Square Paradise Square (south side) Sheffield - - 1473087.jpg 1771–1787
4-12 Paradise Square II* Paradise Square Paradise Square, Sheffield - - 1473065.jpg 1771
14-22 Paradise Square II* Paradise Square Sheffield, Paradise Square - - 794372.jpg 1736
24 Paradise Square II* Paradise Square 24 Paradise Square.jpg 1771
Prudential Assurance Building II Pinstone Street Prudential Assurance Co. Building, Sheffield - - 1577941.jpg 1896 Designed by Alfred Waterhouse
72 Queen Street II Queen Street 72 Queen Street, Sheffield.jpg Mid-19th century
Queen Street Chambers II Queen Street Sheffield - Queen Street Chambers - - 1424848.jpg c.1820
24 Rockingham Lane II Rockingham Lane 24 Rockingham Lane.jpg Early-19th century
Ruskin Building II Norfolk Street The Ruskin Building.jpg c.1875
9-14 St James' Row II St James' Row 9-14 St James' Row, Sheffield.jpg Early-19th century
16 St James' Row II St James' Row 16 St James' Row, Sheffield.jpg c.1845
St George's II Portobello Stgeorges.jpg 1825 Designed by Woodhead and Hirst
St George's Wall and Gate Piers II Portobello 1825
St Matthew's II Carver Street St Matthews, Carver Street.jpg 1855 Designed by William Flockton
Salvation Army Citadel II Cross Burgess Street Salvation Army Citadel, Sheffield - - 1559057.jpg c.1890
Sanctuary II St James' Street Sanctuary, Sheffield.jpg c.1870
Scissor Forge II Carver Street Carver Street Scissor Forge.jpg Mid-19th century
Sellers Wheel II Arundel Street Sellers Wheel.jpg Late-19th century
Sheffield Cathedral I Church Street Sheffield Cath SS P&P.jpg 1430–1966
Sheffield Central Deaf Club II Surrey Street Sheffield Central Deaf Club.jpg c.1830
Sheffield City Grammar School II Leopold Street Sheffield City Grammar School.jpg 1880 Designed by T. J. Flockton and E. R. Robson
Sheffield Midland station II Sheaf Street Sheffield Railway Station.jpg 1870 Designed by Charles Trubshaw
Sheffield United Gas Light Company Offices II Commercial Street Gas Office, Sheffield.JPG 1874 Designed by Matthew Ellison Hadfield
Town Hall I Pinstone Street Sheffield Town Hall 04-10-04.jpg 1897 Designed by E. W. Mountford
Sheffield Water Works Company Offices II Division Street Sheffield, the Sheffield Water Works Company - - 1296341.jpg 1867
Sir Frederick Mappin Building II Mappin Street Mappin2009.jpg 1886-1955 Designed by William Flockton
216 and 218 Solly Street Workshops II Solly Street c.1860
Statue of Edward VII II Fitzalan Square Sheffield, Edward VII statue, Fitzalan Square - - 1291972.jpg 1913 Designed by Alfred Drury
Statue of James Montgomery II Church Street James Mongomery statue.jpg 1861 Designed by John Bell
Steel City House II West Street Steel City House.jpg 1927 Designed by H. T. Rees
Sterling Works II Arundel Street Sterling Works.jpg c.1850
The Stonehouse II Church Street The Stonehouse.jpg c.1840
67 & 69 Surrey Street II Surrey Street 67-69 Surrey Street.jpg c.1830
Sylvester Works II Sylvester Street Sylvester Works.jpg c.1875
Sylvester Works Workshops II Sylvester Street Sylvester Works Workshops.jpg c.1845
Three Tuns II Silver Street Head The Three Tuns, Silver Street Head, Sheffield - - 1473114.jpg c.1840
Truro Works II Matilda Street Truro Works.jpg 1830s
Upper Chapel II Norfolk Street Upper Chapel Sheffield.JPG 1700-1848
Venture Works II Arundel Street Venture Works.jpg 1791
Victoria Chambers II Fig Tree Lane Victoria Chambers.jpg c.1800
Victoria Hall II Norfolk Street Victoria Hall, Sheffield.jpg 1908 Designed by Waddington Son & Dunkerley and W. J. Hale
Walkabout Inn II Carver Street Walkabout, Sheffield.jpg 1804 Designed by W. Jenkins
War Memorial II* Barkers Pool War Memorial, Barkers Pool.jpg c.1920 Upgraded to II* in 2016[1]
13 & 15 Westfield Terrace II Westfield Terrace 13-15 Westfield Terrace.jpg Early-19th century
Wharncliffe House II Bank Street Wharncliffe House.jpg c.1885
White Building II Fitzalan Square The White Building, 6-12 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield - - 1471606.jpg 1908 Designed by Gibbs & Flockton
Yorkshire Bank II Haymarket 2 Haymarket.jpg 1871 Former post office and stock exchange
1-9 York Street II York Street 1-9 York Street, Sheffield.jpg c.1890