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Luboten as seen from Serbia
Elevation 2,498 m (8,196 ft)
Location Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Macedonia
Range Šar Mountains

Luboten (Albanian: Luboten, Serbian: Љуботен, Macedonian: About this sound Љуботен ) is a peak of the Šar Mountains located at the border between Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia. Its height is 2,498 m (8,196 ft).


View of Ljuboten in Serbia

Ljuboten peak although not being the highest peak of the range, is certainly the most attractive and bewildering peak of the Sar Mountains. It is somewhat isolated from the rest of the mountains making it stand out as far as Skopje and Pristina. It in turn it may be called the 'Matterhorn' of the Sar Mountains. Depending from the part of the day, Luboten is best viewed from its northern face in Serbia or southern face in Macedonia.

Kosovo contains the majority of Luboten, the north side, north-west, east side and south east. At the Macedonian side of the peak are located several interesting places: a mountain house called "Ljuboten", Shija Ljubotenska (English: Ljuboten's Neck), Kozja Karpa (Goat's Rock), Shiljast Kamen (Pointed Rock), and Rogacevski Korita.

Luboten is a favorite destination of many mountain climbers from Europe. Its terrain is rich with pastures, but there are also rocky outcroppings. Štrbačko Lake in Serbia and few sheepfolds are near the peak. In wintertime there is usually over a meter of snow on the ground at Luboten. Štrbačko Lake being the most northern lake ion the Sar Mountains is visited often by Luboten climbers in Serbia.

The mountain house at Luboten is located in the foothills of the peak and is connected with a road to Vratnica, Republic of Macedonia. It takes two or three hours to walk from Vratnica to the Luboten mountain house. Not more than half hour is necessary if you drive a vehicle. This house is open from March till November and offers room and board for 80–100 people.

Every year at Ilinden (2 August), the national holiday of Macedonia, more than 200 people enjoy the untouched nature of Ljuboten and the Sharr Mountains.

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Coordinates: 42°12′24″N 21°07′10″E / 42.20667°N 21.11944°E / 42.20667; 21.11944