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Also known as She Wolf: The Last Sentinel
Genre Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Action, Romance
Created by Henry King Quitain
Developed by Malou N. Santos
Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina
Jerry Lopez Sineneng
FM Reyes
Starring Angel Locsin
Piolo Pascual
Ending theme Ikaw Ang Pangarap
by Martin Nievera
Composer(s) Ogie Alcasid
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 118
Location(s) Metro Manila
Antipolo, Rizal
Tanay, Rizal
Camera setup Multi-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Star Creatives
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i) SDTV
Original release January 28 (2008-01-28) – July 11, 2008 (2008-07-11)
Followed by Imortal[1] (2010)
La Luna Sangre (2017)

Lobo (lit. Wolf) is a Philippine supernatural–fantasy horror TV series produced by ABS-CBN that premiered January 28, 2008 and ran through July 11, 2008. It was topbilled by Piolo Pascual with Angel Locsin and was the most expensive teleserye made by ABS-CBN.[2]



In 2004, Lobo was already planned as a project by ABS-CBN with the original storyline centering on siblings who are both wolves. Robin Padilla was the first choice of ABS-CBN for the role "Noah" with Claudine Barretto as "Lyka". Kristine Hermosa and Bea Alonzo were also considered but these pairings was scrapped when Padilla transferred to GMA-7. In early 2007, John Lloyd Cruz and Anne Curtis were also offered the lead roles but turned them down due to a prior commitment to return to their roles for the sequel to the television drama Maging Sino Ka Man. The show finally began formal preparations, training, and filming with the transfer of Angel Locsin to ABS-CBN. The management decided to pair her with Piolo Pascual. Heart Evangelista was also offered "Gabriella"'s role now played by Shaina Magdayao. The choice of the dog who portrays Lyka's white wolf alter-ego brought about ABS-CBN's decision to buy a purebred dog named Brasca all the way from France costing P200,000.


The plot revolves around young lovers Lyka Raymundo (played by Angel Locsin) and Noah Ortega (played by Piolo Pascual). Lyka is a young woman aspiring to be a fashion designer, working as a fashion assistant in the House of Elle. She lives with her aunt Clara and her step cousin Anton.

Noah is the adopted son of General Leon Cristobal, who took over guardianship of Noah after his real father, Emil Ortega, died in a tragic accident involving an unknown wolf. Noah is a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army, being actively recruited to join the Luna force, an elite team specializing in protecting humans from dangerous werewolves and vampires.

Lyka's position as fashion assistant to Lady Elle is foreshadowed by the fact that she is a werewolf who hasn’t transformed yet, who doesn’t know she is one because her werewolf mother abandoned her as a child. Her mother is Vanessa Blancaflor Raymundo, daughter of Lorenzo Blancaflor, the twin brother of Eleanor Blancaflor (played by Pilar Pilapil), owner of the fashion house icon, House of Elle. Secretly, the Blancaflors are a powerful werewolf clan who led the Waya Council for generations. Destiny brought Lyka to the seat of the Wayas.

Lyka is believed to be the last hope, the “Huling Bantay” (“Last hope/Last Guardian”) of her fellow Werewolves. Lady Elle instantly sensed her presence at a chance encounter, and immediately hired Lyka to work directly with her team so she could closely watch over her and help her through her transformation, which she believed would occur sometime or after her 21st birthday.

At about the same time when Lyka applied at the House of Elle, the Wayas had been searching for their Huling Bantay who would have the strength and power to save the werewolf population from the deadly rays of the upcoming Red Moon (“Pulang Buwan”), a phenomena that occurred every 500 years, which could potentially purge and destroy all the werewolves. Only the Last Guardian, the strongest Waya, could save the species by “raising the stone of Remus”. The last “Huling Bantay” was Remus, who kept the talisman for the next Guardian to use. Lady Elle was certain that Lyka was worthy and strong enough to be their Last Guardian.

In the House of Elle, Lyka crosses paths with Noah, Lady Elle's bodyguard and driver. Lyka and Noah fall in love, but their relationship is hindered by Noah’s deep hatred for werewolves, as he blamed them for killing his father and foster father. By the time they had fallen deeply in love, Lyka had reached her “time” - fully accepting her werewolf nature and the bigger responsibility as the Last Guardian. Despite the many obstacles, Noah and Lyka’s love for each other prevailed. They marry, and together battle and defeat their enemies.

Three other characters create additional conflict: Noah’s friend, Gabrielle Dizon (played by Shaina Magdayao), a deep penetration agent tasked to bring Noah over to the Luna Force for the sinister purposes to destroy and rid the country of all werewolves altogether, complicated by the fact that she was in love with Noah and truly cared for him; Anton Rivero, Lyka’s step cousin, her protector against his abusive step mother Clara, and obsessively in love with Lyka; and General Silva, a secret rogue werewolf banished by the Wayas, out to seek revenge and destroy the Council.

There are two opposing groups in the story—the Lunas and the Wayas. The Lunas were organized by the Philippine Army to protect humans against werewolves and vampires, but a small faction led by General Silva, held a personal grudge against the werewolves, aiming to undermine Luna leadership and destroy the entire werewolf population. Silva had a special interest in Noah, who was recruited not only for his superior skills, but mainly because flowing through his blood was a natural immunity to werewolf bites, a gene inherited from his father. General Silva, together with Anton, manipulated Noah to join the force to obtain his blood and develop an antidote for the poisonous werewolf bites.

The other opposing group, the Waya Inc. was led by Lady Elle. Wayas controlled and presided over the affairs of the white werewolves and executed justice over the black werewolves and vampires who preyed on humans. Since the vampires had retreated into hiding, the Waya mostly had to deal with the rogue werewolves, secretly working with the Lunas to provide protection for their species.

At that time, there were two warring factions among the werewolves that threatened the agreement between the Wayas and the Lunas and disturbed the peace within the population. While the white werewolves respected the human beings in their midst and lived in peace with them, albeit secretly; the black werewolves killed humans, the biggest reason why werewolves were feared. The Wayas controlled and led their species, and imposed justice on werewolves who drank human blood, doing their best to apprehend and kill the black werewolves.

On the night of the Red Moon, Lyka, who had fully accepted her role as “Huling Bantay”, successfully retrieved the Stone of Remus, narrowly lost her life, and saved her people from the purge. She exhorts them to co-exist harmoniously with human beings, and to stop the prejudice against the black wolves. She became their Head Guardian, leading the council for an integrated black and white werewolf population.

Lyka later defeats the bigger threat of her stepcousin’s metamorphosis into a demon werewolf. Anton was an accomplished chemist, whose specialty was animal diseases and virus mutations. All his life, he worked towards finding a cure for his werewolf nature, believing that he was infected and did not have an inherited gene. As a child, he was accidentally bitten by Vanessa, then in werewolf form. Picked by General Silva to work on the antidote for werewolf poisonous bites, Anton discovered a more potent formulation, a mixture of Lyka’s and Noah’s blood which he injected into his system, gave him an immunity from werewolf bites, and the ability to heal his wounds quickly. Using the Stone of Remus which he stole from Lyka, and following instructions from an ancient book General Silva had, he was transformed into a powerful werewolf. Unfortunately, his distorted love and obsession for Lyka changed his soul and personality, turned him into a formidable enemy, who almost defeated Lyka and Noah in their last battle.

Celebrating their victory, and the peaceful coexistence of humans and werewolves, Lady Elle toasts the pregnancy of Lyka and Noah, showing another foreshadowing of the two sequels, Imortal and La Luna Sangre. Lyka and Noah are pushing two strollers, indicating they will have twins.



Main Cast[edit]

Cast Character Summary
Angel Locsin Lyka B. Raymundo-Ortega Lyka wanted to be a famous fashion designer and she thought her job as a fashion assistant in the "House of Elle" was the best opportunity. However, her dreams are derailed by the harsh truth of her real nature. She faces a Herculean task as “Huling Bantay”, the savior of her werewolf race. Possessed with superior powers than the normal werewolves, Lyka is the strongest and most powerful of her species. She falls in love with a mortal man, Noah Ortega, breaching destiny’s law of the commingling of mortal and werewolf.
Piolo Pascual Noah Ortega Noah is a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army, working undercover as personal guard for Eleanora Blancafloran, a suspected Waya Leader. Noah belongs to an elite force tasked with uncovering werewolves. He is known for his intelligence, skills and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and mysterious look lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. He falls in love with Lyka but encounters resistance from numerous forces. He defies everything he believes in for the sake of his love.

Supporting Cast[edit]

Cast Character Summary
Shaina Magdayao Gabrielle Dizon An asset of the military who belongs in the Intelligence Division, Gabrielle is Noah's mistah and best friend. But her dedication to her craft will push her to fight against Noah who happens to be the man she secretly loves. She will do anything to make Noah happy even if it hurts her in the process.
Geoff Eigenmann Alec Aragon / Remus A werewolf descendant of Remus who came to train Lyka in her role as Huling Bantay. He fell in love with Lyka. He also plays Remus, the last Huling Bantay. The role of the Huling Bantay comes every five hundred years, meaning the Last Guardian of the werewolves, tasked to save the race from the deadly rays of the Pulang Buwan (“Red Moon”) a phenomena that serves to purge the werewolf population.
Ryan Eigenmann Anton Rivero He is deeply in love with Lyka whom he grew up with as a cousin. Using his intelligence as a chemist and his innate ferociousness, Anton will do everything in his power to have Lyka even if one of the choices is to kill Noah. He is the last villain that Lyka and Noah defeats.
Pilar Pilapil Eleanora Blancaflor a.k.a. Lady Elle Her fabulous contribution in the fashion industry is famed across Asia. She is president of the "House of Elle," leader of an organization called "Waya" and was tagged the strongest Waya before Lyka. Hidden beneath her glamorous image and lifestyle is her ultimate secret known to a selected few. Lady Elle is also the stern protector of Lyka. She learns that Lyka is her twin brother Lorenzo’s long lost granddaughter.
Agot Isidro Nessa Blancaflor- Raymundo Nessa is Lorenzo Blancaflor’s daughter who did not know she was a werewolf because her father had died. She transformed past her scheduled time, a “Nilaktawan”, accidentally killed her mother and later on, her fiancé. Her dangerous nature forced Nessa to abandon her only child (Lyka) for the sake of the latter's safety. She was captured and imprisoned as a lab study in a top secret facility owned by a secret faction of the Lunas.
Dante Rivero Gen. Leon Cristobal He is Noah’s adoptive father. He took over raising Noah after his father died. He is a military man who raises his kids with an iron hand. He takes his responsibility at work more seriously that his mysterious missions come first before his duty as a father to Noah and Zoe.
Robert Arevalo Manolo Sebastian Owner of the "House of Elle" and a former member of the Luna organization. The Luna was formed to catch and destroy all werewolves. Manolo fell in love with Lady Elle and got to know the werewolves as kind, fair and peace loving beings, who did not tolerate their own kind’s killing of humans. He uses his power and influence to protect the werewolves, especially Lady Elle’s community. He is willing to risk everything he owns in the name of love.
Dimples Romana Trixie Works as a costume mistress in the "House of Elle". She is Lyka's closest friend and guardian ("tag-alaga") and is a direct descendent from a line of seers; her grandmother was Remus’ seer, who has passed on the legacy to Trixie. She serves as Lyka’s seer.
Irma Adlawan Clara Rivero She acts as surrogate mother to both Lyka and Anton. Clara's world mainly revolves around Anton since she sees him as a real son while Lyka suffers from her callousness. In one point of the story, she has to decide if she will kill Lyka for Anton.

Extended Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]



The show premiered on January 28, 2008 with a rating of 26.4%. This registered a higher pilot reception compared to Palos and Kung Fu Kids in Mega Manila ratings.[3] The series finale got the high ratings of 33.4% (together with The Singing Bee, which garnered 33.2% in the nationwide ratings game according to the NUTAM (Nationwide Urban TV Audience Measurement) conducted by AGB Nielsen.[4] Its average rating was 32%, ranked 8th for the year 2008, in AGB Nielsen NUTAM survey.[5]

Theme Song[edit]

Lobo's theme song, Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap, (Literal English translation: "You Are My Dream" or "You Are My Desire") was composed by Ogie Alcasid and was originally sung by Martin Nievera. Halfway through the season, a duet version of the song, performed by Martin Nievera and Raki Vega, was introduced.

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

Host City/Country
2008 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television
Philippines Philippines
Best Primetime Drama Series Won
Philippines Philippines
Best Drama Actor (Piolo Pascual) Won
Philippines Philippines
Best Drama Actress (Angel Locsin) Nominated
7th Gawad Tanglaw
Philippines Philippines
Best Primetime Drama Series Won
Anak TV Seal Awards
Philippines Philippines
Most Well-Liked TV Program Won
2009 BANFF World Television Festival
Toronto, Canada Canada
Best Telenovela Program Won
37th International Emmy Awards
New York, USA United States
Best Performance by an Actress (Angel Locsin) Nominated
2010 National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines[6]
Philippines Philippines
Recognition (Angel Locsin) Won

International release[edit]

According to ABS-CBN International Sales & Distribution, the series will soon be shown in different countries in Asia with the English title of She Wolf: The Last Sentinel.[7] ABS-CBN Teleseryes penetrate TV landscape in other countries as it was also set to be aired in Thailand television. The series re-aired again on Jeepney TV starting March 11, 2013.

International Broadcast[edit]

Country Alternate title/translation TV network(s) Airdate Weekly schedule
 Nigeria She Wolf Mytv promo January - May 2013 Daily at 22:00


In 2010, ABS-CBN decided to produce a sequel of the series entitled, Imortal. According to ABS-CBN.com, Lia, also played by Angel Locsin, is the daughter of Noah and Lyka Ortega.[1]

A second sequel entitled La Luna Sangre, starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, is set to premiere sometime in 2017. The sequel series was first revealed at the company's trade launch on November 22, 2016.[8]

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