Long River (Fujian)

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Long River
Fuqing Longjiang Qiao 20120303-07.jpg
The Long River estuary at Haikou, spanned by the Longjiang Bridge
Traditional Chinese龍江
Simplified Chinese龙江
Literal meaningDragon River

The Long River or Longjiang is a river in Fujian Province, China. It starts in Putian's Hanjiang District and crosses into neighboring Fuqing in Fuzhou, where it flows into the Taiwan Strait at Haikou.

The river is dammed upstream of Honglu. The dam forms the Dongzhang Reservoir, on the northern shore of which Dongzhang is located.

The Longjiang Bridge (zh:龙江桥), one of the chain of famous Song bridges on the Fujian coastal road, spans the river near its mouth.

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Coordinates: 26°02′58″N 119°38′06″E / 26.0494°N 119.635°E / 26.0494; 119.635