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The MAX Media Player (Sometimes referred to as MAX Media Dock) for Nintendo DS is a Slot-2 Nintendo DS storage device that was released on April 13, 2005 by Datel Design & Development Ltd. It allows the user to play movies and music on their DS and allows players to run homebrew data patched for specific flash cards such as M3 and NEO types, as well as their own "Max Media Dock" patch for optimal compatibility. MAX Media Player also includes a USB 2.0, which allows you to transfer data from a PC to a console. The devices were short-lived as official support for the devices had ceased in September 2006

Available in either 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash, 4GB Microdrive-CF, or empty CF memory slot, the MAX Media Player was seen as bridging the gap between the DS and the PlayStation Portable. This device has also been used for Nintendo DS Homebrew and was one of the more easily obtainable hacking tools for DS before the rise of R4 and M3 slot-1 devices, as the device was available at Wal-Mart alongside Datel's other products at the time.

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