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Municipality and Town
Coat of arms of Bogatić
Coat of arms
Location of the municipality of Bogatić within Serbia
Location of the municipality of Bogatić within Serbia
Coordinates: 44°50′N 19°29′E / 44.833°N 19.483°E / 44.833; 19.483Coordinates: 44°50′N 19°29′E / 44.833°N 19.483°E / 44.833; 19.483
Country  Serbia
District Mačva
Settlements 14
 • Mayor Slobodan Savić (DS)
 • Municipality 384 km2 (148 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)[2]
 • Town 7,113
 • Municipality Increase 31,422
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 15350
Area code +381 15
Car plates
Map of Bogatić municipality

Bogatić (Serbian Cyrillic: Богатић, pronounced [bǒɡatitɕ]) is a little town and municipality located in the Mačva District of Serbia. In 2011, the population of the town is 7,113, while population of the municipality is 31,422.


There are traces from prehistory and from Roman period in the area of Bogatić. Bogatić was firstly mentioned in 1528 in Ottoman defters and its name in that time was Grabovac. Between 16th and 18th century, this area was populated by settlers from Montenegro, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Old Serbia. Name Bogatić was firstly recorded during Austrian administration in Serbia (1718–1739), when Šabac district was formed. With 44 families, Bogatić was largest settlement in this district. During the First Serbian Uprising, Bogatić belonged to nahija of Šabac. During the reign of prince Miloš, Bogatić developed into a road settlement with streets, while in 1924 it officially became a town. During the Balkan wars (1912–1913) and First World War, population of Bogatić suffered great losses and was persecuted by Austro-Hungarian soldiers. After battle of Bubanja (July 15, 1941), Bogatić became first liberated municipal center in occupied Serbia. Since 1906, newspaper named "Mačvanin" was published in Bogatić.


Aside from the town of Bogatić, the municipality includes the following settlements:

Demographics (2002 census)[edit]

Ethnic groups in the Bogatić municipality:

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