Mark Andrews (filmmaker)

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Mark Andrews
Nationality American[1]
Education Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film[2]
Alma mater CalArts
Occupation Director, storyboard artist, writer
Notable work One Man Band
Children Maeve

Mark Andrews is a Pixar employee, best known as a director and screenwriter of the 2012 Pixar feature film Brave. He was the story supervisor for The Incredibles, directed the short film One Man Band and co-wrote the short films Jack-Jack Attack and One Man Band.

Andrews studied animation at the Character Animation Program at CalArts. He is also considered to be Brad Bird's "right-hand man".[who?] Some of his student films have been featured at MOMA's exhibition TOMORROWLAND: CalArts in Moving Pictures. Unlike most other CalArts alumni, he was not a huge fan of Disney films, and claimed he was a bigger fan of anime such as Kimba the White Lion, Speed Racer, and Robotech.[3]

He is the father of Maeve Andrews, who voiced Jack-Jack Parr in The Incredibles.[4] Andrews replaced Brenda Chapman as director of Brave (2012).[5] Both were credited as directors, and they won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.[citation needed] As of January 2013, he is writing and directing another original film at Pixar.[6][7][8]



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