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Milove (Ukrainian: Мілове) is an urban-type settlement and the administrative center of Milove Raion in Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. Population: 5,944 (2013 est.)[1].

The town is adjacent to the Russian town of Chertkovo in Rostov Oblast.[2] Milove was first mentioned in 1872 as khutir Milove. It has had the status of an urban-type settlement since 1938.

Its train station is on the Russian side of the border at Chertkovo railway station.

Milove was not very affected by the War in Donbass that raged in other parts of this region of Ukraine.[2] However, on November 12, 2014 a Ukrainian border guard office was shot at with a grenade launcher leaving no casualties. Political tensions have led to security cameras being installed on the Russian side of the border, and a fence being erected on the Ukrainian side of the border. [3][2][4] On November 27, 2015 two Russian servicemen were detained in the city, and later exchanged back to Russian authorities.[5]

Due to easy access to chertkovo, milove is a major crossing point for Ukrainian illegal Immigrants entering the Russian federation


Coordinates: 49°22′40″N 40°07′50″E / 49.37778°N 40.13056°E / 49.37778; 40.13056