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Rubizhne skyline
Rubizhne skyline
Flag of Rubizhne
Coat of arms of Rubizhne
Coat of arms
Rubizhne is located in Lugansk Oblast
Location of Rubizhne in Luhansk Oblast
Rubizhne is located in Ukraine
Location of Rubizhne in Ukraine
Coordinates: 49°00′36″N 38°22′17″E / 49.01000°N 38.37139°E / 49.01000; 38.37139Coordinates: 49°00′36″N 38°22′17″E / 49.01000°N 38.37139°E / 49.01000; 38.37139
Country Ukraine
Oblast Luhansk Oblast
RaionRubizhne Municipality
City status1934
74 m (243 ft)
 • Total60,374
Railway station

Rubizhne (Ukrainian: Рубіжне, Russian: Рубежное, Rubezhnoye) is a city of oblast significance in Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine. Population: 60,374 (2013 est.)[1].


The city started growing from a railway station built in 1904.

A local newspaper is published in the city since March 1931[2].

Starting in mid-April 2014, pro-Russian militants captured several towns in Luhansk Oblast,[3][4] including Rubizhne.[5] On 21 July 2014, Ukrainian forces secured the city from the militants.[6][7]


Rubizhne had 65,322 inhabitants in the Ukrainian Census of 2001.[8] The city's population declined to 59,951 by January 1, 2014. Its ethnic composition is as follows:


Rubizhne is known for its chemical and pharmaceutical plants and factories. The headquarters of "Microkhim", the largest Ukrainian producer of substances and medicines for cardiology,[9] is situated in Rubizhne. One of Ukraine's biggest plastic pipe plants, Runezhnoye Pipe Plant ru:Рубежанский трубный завод, is also located in the town.

Notable residents[edit]

Rubizhne is the town of birth of MMA Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko, and Olympic champion in fencing Vladimir Smirnov.


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