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China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited
Publicly traded company
Traded as SSE: 600016
SSE 50 Component
Industry Bank
Founded 1996; 22 years ago (1996)
Headquarters Beijing, China
Area served
China, Hong Kong
Revenue $5.99 Billion US Dollars (2012)
Total assets $647.2 Billion US Dollars (2015)[1]
Owner Mainly private sector corporations in China
Divisions Minsheng Private Banking Service

China Minsheng Bank (simplified Chinese: 中国民生银行; traditional Chinese: 中國民生銀行; pinyin: Zhōngguó Mínshēng Yínháng), founded on January 12, 1996, in Beijing, is the first bank in China to be owned mostly by non-government enterprises.[2] The bank was founded by Jing Shuping, a Chinese lawyer and businessman who became prominent in the People's Republic of China after the nation's founding in 1949.[3]

Minsheng Bank is well known for focusing on making loans to small-medium enterprise. It has over two hundred banking outlets throughout China and relationships with more than seven hundred banks overseas.[2] The bank was publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009.[4]

Minsheng Bank Tower is the tallest building in Wuhan and the 27th-tallest in the world.

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