Mithridates IV of Parthia

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Coin of Mithridates IV.

Mithridates IV of Parthia (flourished 1st century & 2nd century) was a Prince of Iranian and Greek ancestry. He ruled as King of the Parthian Empire from 129 to 140. Mithridates IV was the youngest son born to Vonones II from a Greek concubine and was one of the brothers of Osroes I of Parthia (109–129). During the invasion of Mesopotamia by the Roman emperor Trajan (98–117) in 116, he and his son Sanatruces II of Parthia, took up the diadem but were defeated. After the death of Osroes I in 129 he assumed the throne and continued the struggle with the rival King Vologases III of Parthia (105–147). He died in an attack on Commagene in 140. Mithridates IV had appointed his son Sanatruces II as his successor, but Sanatruces II fell in a battle with the Romans. Another son, Vologases IV of Parthia (147–191), took the throne after the death of Vologases III in 147.


Mithridates IV of Parthia
Preceded by
Osroes I
Great King (Shah) of Parthia
Succeeded by
Vologases III