Rural Municipality of Moosomin No. 121

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Moosomin No. 121, Saskatchewan
Moosomin No. 121, Saskatchewan is located in Saskatchewan
Moosomin No. 121, Saskatchewan
Moosomin No. 121, Saskatchewan
Location in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 50°09′54″N 101°35′54″W / 50.165°N 101.598333°W / 50.165; -101.598333Coordinates: 50°09′54″N 101°35′54″W / 50.165°N 101.598333°W / 50.165; -101.598333
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality December 13, 1909
 • Total 566.39 km2 (218.68 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 164
 • Density 0.9/km2 (2/sq mi)
Time zone UTC (UTC-6)

Moosomin No. 121, Saskatchewan is a rural municipality of 164 rural residents (2006 census) in the southeastern part of Saskatchewan, Canada. The RM was incorporated December 13, 1909.[1] Residents are also a part of SARM Division No. 1, Census Division No. 5, Saskatchewan, and the Yorkton—Melville Economic Region. Other localities in the area include Moosomin, Welwyn, Rotave, and Fleming.[2][3] Saskatchewan Highway 1, the Transcanada and Saskatchewan Highway 8 intersect within this RM. Moosomin and District Regional Park, upstream from Moosomin dam, and Moosomin Lake are part of the RM[4] (Eastern) Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes asterius), a species of special concern, makes its home in this area.[5]

A rural municipality is an administrative district consisting of an elected reeve, councilors, administrator who provide essential services within their area.

A person could work for the municipality and have his earnings put toward the taxes on his land; at one time, money collected in each Division stayed in that Division....The RM has as its responsibilities for many areas: agricultural programs and concerns in general; tax collections for needs of the municipality - road construction and maintenance; protective services - pest control, fire protection, weed control, environmental development, cultural and educational services; medical and veterinary needs and so forth.

— Tecumseh No. 65[6]


Canada census – Rural Municipality of Moosomin No. 121 community profile
Population: 164 (-7.9% from 2001)
Land area: 566.39 km2 (218.68 sq mi)
Population density: 0.9/km2 (2.3/sq mi)
Median age: N/A (M: N/A, F: N/A)
Total private dwellings: 277
Median household income: $N/A
References: 2006[7] earlier[8]


Moosomin is home to the Lily Wind Farm.

Area statistics[edit]

  • Lat 50.165°
  • Long -101.598333°
  • Time zone (est) UTC-6[9]


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