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NEC Display Solutions is a manufacturer of computer monitors and large-screen public-information displays, and has sold and marketed products under the NEC brand globally for more than twenty years. The company sells display products to the consumer, business, professional (e.g. financial, graphic design, CAD/CAM), digital signage and medical markets. The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based NEC Corporation on March 31, 2005. Prior to that date, the company was known as NEC/Mitsubishi, a 50/50 joint venture between NEC Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric that began in 2000, and sold display products under both the NEC and Mitsubishi brands. The company, which is no longer affiliated with Mitsubishi, currently sells and markets products under the NEC brand only.


  • NEC MultiSync - line of LCD monitors and large format public displays designed for business applications, lifestyle and gaming.
  • NEC AccuSync - line of LCD monitors designed for home and office applications.
  • NEC SpectraView - line of LCD monitors designed for color sensitive graphics applications.
  • NEC MD Series - line of LCD monitors designed for medical diagnostic imaging applications.
  • NEC MULTEOS - line of LCD monitors designed for public demonstrations.

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