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The NIN Award (Serbian: Нинова награда, Ninova nagrada) is a Serbian literary award established in 1954[1] by NIN magazine and is an given annually for the best newly published novel in Serbian literature (previously Yugoslav literature). The award is presented every year in January by a jury of writers. In addition to being a highly reputable award capable of transforming the writer's literary career, NIN Award is also sought after because it virtually assures the recipient of the bestseller status for his/her novel.[2] Literary website Complete review called it the "leading Serbian literary prize" in 2012.[3]

Since its inception, the award was not awarded only once, in 1959.[1] Oskar Davičo is the only author to win the award three times, and the only one to win it in two consecutive years. So far, four women were recipients of the award.[4]

List of winners[edit]


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