Nebo Hill Archeological Site

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Nebo Hill Archeological Site
Archaeological Survey of Missouri #23-CL-11
Nebo Hill.jpg
Location Liberty, Missouri
NRHP Reference # 71000465[1]
Added to NRHP March 4, 1971

Nebo Hill Archeological Site is a large hill a few miles southwest of Excelsior Springs, Missouri. It has the highest elevation in Clay County and is named after the family who owned the property in the 1900s.[2]

Archaeological findings[edit]

The hill is now a large archaeological site, with several ancient Native American artifacts having been found there. This ancient culture has been named the Nebo Hill culture.[2]

The ancient peoples lived along Fishing River, a tributary of the Missouri River. The culture flourished from 3,000 to 1,000 BCE. Their distinctive spearhead and axe designs have been found as far north as Canada.[2] There have also been many pottery findings.[3] Artifacts from the Nebo Hill culture have also been found at the Renner Site near Riverside, Missouri.[4]

The Nebo Hill culture is a Late Archaic culture, and it is thought to be the ancestral to the later Kansas City Hopewellian culture.[5]


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