Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

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Far Eastern University - Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation
Established 1971
Type Private Medical school
Dean Linda Dec-Tamesis, M.D.
Location Regalado Ave., West Fairview, Quezon City
Hymn FEU Hymn by Nick Joaquin

The Far Eastern University - Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation or FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine is one of the pioneer medical schools in the Philippines.


FEU-NRMF was founded by Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. On October 22, 1955, the FEU Hospital opened its doors as a charitable institution and provided hospital training for students in medicine and nursing. It was erected on a trapezoidal lot at the northeastern part of the campus in Morayta Street (now Nicanor Reyes Sr. Avenue). It was built and equipped at a cost of P1.5 million and designed by architect Felipe Mendoza in collaboration with the hospital committee chaired by Lauro Panganiban MD, Nicanor Reyes Jr., Angel Palanca, and Ricardo Alfonso MD who later became the first hospital director.

Fe del Mundo MD, later named as National Scientist, headed the Department of Pediatrics; Carlos Sevilla MD chaired the Ophthalmology Department; Gloria Aragon MD, the OB-GYN Department; Liborio Gomez MD, the Pathology Department; Jose Tirona MD, the X-Ray Department; Perpetuo Gutierrez MD, the Medicine Department; Jesus Nolasco MD, the Physiology Department.

In 1970, the Institute of Medicine, School of Medical Technology, FEU Hospital and the Student Health Service Clinic were converted into a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation known as the FEU Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation.

West Fairview Campus and Medical Complex[edit]

On December 22, 1996, Dr. Josephine Reyes (NRMF chairman and former FEU president) presided over the groundbreaking of the new P500 million modern medical school and hospital, assisted by Ricardo L. Alfonso, MD, former FEU Hospital Director and IM Dean, and Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, president (1995-1999) and Chairman (2002-2004) of the FEU-DNR School of Medicine Alumni Foundation - USA, and Member of the FEUNRMF Board of Trustees (1998-2008).

In 2001, the new facilities of the Medical Foundation were formally inaugurated. The ceremony was attended by former President Corazon Aquino as guest of honor.

The hospital operates with 141 pay beds, 99 charity beds, and boasts of state-of-the-art facilities at par with leading tertiary hospitals.

At the last meeting of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges, CHED presented the five-year summary of board passing rank of medical schools. FEU-IM ranked third overall with the highest passing averages.

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