Ohio State Route 1 (1961–1965)

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State Route 1 marker

State Route 1
Route information
Length 353 mi (568 km)
Existed 1961 – 1965
Major junctions
From Cincinnati
To Pennsylvania state line
Highway system
SR 872 SR 2

State Route 1 (SR 1) is a former state highway in Ohio originally planned as a second Ohio Turnpike. Its southern terminus was in Cincinnati, and its northern terminus was in Conneaut at the Pennsylvania state line. The majority of its route is now Interstate 71.


After the original SR 1 was redesignated as US 40 in 1927, SR 1 was not used for an Ohio highway again until 1961.[1] After planning had been completed for the Ohio Turnpike and construction of the Turnpike was substantially underway, Ohio highway authorities began planning a second Ohio Turnpike extending southwest to northeast across the state. It was planned to run from Cincinnati to Conneaut and connect with an extension built across the panhandle of Pennsylvania to the New York State Thruway. As the highway was being planned, the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 was enacted, and the project was converted from a toll road to a free Interstate Highway. It was designated as SR 1, since the Interstate Highway numbering system had not yet been implemented. Portions of the freeway began to be completed and opened in 1959 with the new Interstate Highway funding, and they were later marked as SR 1 (the Interstate Highway numbers did not go up until 1962[citation needed]). Since large gaps existed along the corridor where no freeway had yet been completed, existing two-lane or four-lane highways were designated as Temporary SR 1 in order to complete the route.

SR 1 was rerouted as sections of Interstate opened.

The SR 1 signage was removed in 1965[2] as the Interstate Highway numbers adequately marked the route and the state highway numbering was superfluous. The present day route of what was once planned as SR 1 is Interstate 71 from Cincinnati to just northeast of Medina, Interstate 271 for its entire length from northeast of Medina to Willoughby Hills, and Interstate 90 from Willoughby Hills to the Pennsylvania state line at Conneaut.

Since 1965, there has been no highway designated as SR 1.

Route description (1961)[edit]

Columbus-area highway marker designating Interstate 71 and Ohio Route 1 (1965).

In 1961, SR 1 followed Central Ave. in Cincinnati, to John Street, to Lincoln Park Drive (now Ezzard Charles Drive), to Freeman Avenue, to Western Avenue, to Spring Grove Avenue, to Colerain Avenue to Interstate 75 (at what is now the I-75/I-74 interchange); Interstate 75 from current I-74 interchange to West Carrollton; U.S. Route 25 (Dixie Drive) from West Carrollton to Interstate 70; Interstate 70 from Dixie Drive to near Enon (the current I-70/SR 4 split); State Route 4 from near Enon to Springfield; U.S. Route 40 from Springfield to Columbus; Broad St. (US 40) in Columbus, to 4th Street, to Summit/3rd Street (US 23), to Hudson Street, to Interstate 71; I-71 from Columbus to just east of Medina (the only portion of Interstate 71 complete at the time); State Route 18 from near Medina to Montrose; U.S. Route 21 from Montrose to Brecksville; State Route 82 from Brecksville to Aurora; (an alternate SR 1 ran from Twinsburg southeast along State Route 14 to Streetsboro and then on State Route 43 to Aurora, in order to connect SR 1 to the Ohio Turnpike;) State Route 306 from Aurora to State Route 84; SR 84 from State Route 306 to just west of what was then State Route 44; due south to Interstate 90 along what is now a section of SR 44; and finally Interstate 90 to the Pennsylvania state line.[1]

Major intersections (1964)[edit]


County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Hamilton Cincinnati 0.00 0.00 I-75 north / US 25 Southern Terminus at Kentucky state line; southern end of I-75 concurrency; southern terminus of US 25 concurrency
See Interstate 75 Exits 1–61
Montgomery West Carrollton 47.31 76.14 I-75 Northern terminus of I-75 segment;
Moraine SR 741
Dayton 54.97 88.47 SR 48 Southern terminus of SR 48 concurrency
55.69 89.62 US 35 / SR 4 Southern terminus of SR 4 concurrency
SR 49 Southern terminus of SR 49
56.60 91.09 US 25 / SR 48 / SR 69 Northern terminus of US 25 and SR 48 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 69 concurrency
SR 202 north Southern terminus of SR 202
SR 201 north Southern terminus of SR 201
SR 444 north Southern terminus of SR 444
Wayne Township SR 235 north Northern terminus of SR 235
78.1 125.7 I-70 / US 40 / SR 69 Northern end of SR 69 concurrency; east end of I-70 and US 40 concurrency
Clark Mad River Township 84.39 135.81 I-70 Eastern end of I-70; east end of I-70 concurrency
Bethel Township SR 369
Springfield Township 89.89 144.66 SR 440 west Eastern terminus of SR 440
Springfield US 68
SR 41 Northern end of SR 41 concurrency
SR 4 Northern end of SR 4 concurrency
SR 41 Southern end of SR 41 concurrency
South Vienna SR 54
Madison Summerford SR 56
SR 38
Lafayette US 42
West Jefferson SR 29 Western terminus of SR 29
SR 142 Western terminus of SR 142
Franklin Columbus US 62 East end of US 62 concurrency
137.07 220.59 I-71 / US 40 / US 62 Southern terminus of I-71 concurrency; east end of US 40 and US 62 concurrency
See Interstate 71 Exits 108B–204
Medina Westfield Township I-80S / US 224 – Lodi, Akron
Medina Township 247.30 397.99 I-71 south / SR 18 Northern terminus of I-71; north end of concurrency; west end of SR 18 concurrency
township line
250.41 403.00 SR 94
Summit Copley Township 254.83 410.11 US 21 / SR 18 Southern terminus of US 21 concurrency; north end of SR 18 concurrency
Montrose-Ghent 257.04 413.67 I-77 / SR 176 Southern terminus of SR 176 concurrency; southern terminus of I-77
Richfield SR 176 Northern terminus of SR 176 concurrency
SR 303
264.58 425.80 I-77 Northern end of concurrency and terminus of completed I-77
265.38 427.09 Ohio Turnpike (1960).svg Ohio Turnpike
Cuyahoga Brecksville SR 82
Independence SR 17
Cleveland SR 14 / SR 43 Southern terminus of SR 14 and SR 43 concurrency
SR 10 Eastern terminus of SR 10
US 422 / SR 87 Southern end of US 422 and SR 87 concurrency
281.58 453.16 I-90 / US 21 / US 422 / SR 14 / SR 43 / SR 87 Western terminus of I-90 concurrency; northern end of US 21 / US 422 / SR 14 / SR 43 / SR 87 concurrency
SR 2 Western end of SR 2 concurrency
SR 283 Western end of SR 283 concurrency
Bratenahl SR 283 east Eastern terminus of concurrency with SR 283
Cleveland SR 175
SR 2 Eastern terminus of concurrency with SR 2
county line
EuclidWickliffe line US 20 (Euclid Avenue)
Lake Wickliffe SR 84
Willoughby Hills I-271 south / I-290 south Northern terminus of I-271 and I-290
See Interstate 90 Exits 188–241
Ashtabula Conneaut 353.15 568.34 I-90 east Continuation into Pennsylvania; Northern terminus of SR 1
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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