Old Quebec Street Mall

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Old Quebec Street Mall
The main entrance to the Old Quebec Street Mall on Wyndham Street North
Location Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Opening date Eaton Centre: 1984
Old Quebec Street Mall: 2003
No. of floors 2

The Old Quebec Street Mall is a shopping mall located on Wyndham Street North in downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The main entrance faces the intersection of Quebec Street and Wyndham Street at St. Georges Square.[1] The Old Quebec Street Mall stands where Quebec Street originally extended east of Wyndham Street. The back entrance of the mall leads out onto Woolwich Street next to the Sleeman Centre.


The Old Quebec Street Mall has two floors, with retail shopping on the lower level and office space on the upper level.[2] The West Parkade attached to the building provides visitor parking.[3]


Guelph was established by John Galt and the Canada Company in the 1820s. Quebec Street was one of the original streets named in Guelph. Quebec Street extended east and west of Wyndham Street North having several store fronts and services until about 1980. From 1980 to 1984, Quebec Street east of Wyndham Street North was closed off to build a mall, which officially opened in 1984 as an Eaton Centre. The demise of the Eaton's company in 1999 resulted in the sale of the mall to the city, which renamed it the Guelph Centre. The back wall of the Eaton's store was torn down, and the space was rebuilt as the Sleeman Centre. The remaining portion of the Eaton Centre became The Old Quebec Street Mall, which opened in 2003.[4]


Windows above the shops.
The skylights over the shops in the mall make a visitor feel as though they were outside.

The Old Quebec Street Mall displays a unique architecture, making visitors feel like they stepped in a historic town's main street as an indoor version of the traditional marketplace. The mall is full of antique architectural style. The distinctive interior design has a high skylight roof, exposed bricks, and decorations of hanging plants and banners surrounding it to create an historic atmosphere[5] influenced by the old limestone and brick buildings commonly found in downtown Guelph. It is meant to resemble the old Quebec Street with outdoor store fronts before the mall was built.

Stores and services[edit]

 Sleeman Centre Box office.
The Sleeman Centre Ticketmaster

The mall has numerous cafes, stores and services.


The Old Quebec Street Mall is located at the center of downtown Guelph. The mall's West Parkade is a fee-based visitor parking,[6] and visitors may also access the mall by public transportation, including the many bus stops on Wyndham Street facing the mall's main entrance, and the nearby Guelph Bus Terminal.[7][8][9]

The Guelph Storm Box Office[edit]

The box office for the Guelph Storm of the Ontario Hockey League is located on the second level of the mall. The hockey arena is located inside the Sleeman Centre beside the box office, and mainly serves as a training centre for the hockey team.[10]


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