Pakistanis in South Africa

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Pakistanis in South Africa
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Saraiki Punjabi · Pashto · English

Pakistanis in South Africa,[1][needs update] are mainly found in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban.

Many expatriates run spaza shops, or barber shops; and the Johannesburg's Fordsburg is said to be among the best places to find Pakistani food. The number of people arriving from Pakistan has increased very fast in last 10 years. They have established various business all over the country. Most of them are in grocery supermarket, electronics and cell phones business. They are also running successful business of imported cars from Japan in Durban.[2] It has often been speculated that various Indian and Pakistani crime syndicates operate within the country,[3] most of whom tend to be involved in drug smuggling. In February 2010, a crowd of angry rioters protesting unemployment issues burnt tyres and barricaded roads in a northern township in Johannesburg; local media reported that Pakistani shopkeepers were among those whose premises were looted. Pakistan South Africa Association is a very effective organisation which represents Pakistanis all over South Africa. Its has 16 units which operate its offices from all provinces and has the central executive office in Pretoria. Famous senior members of the organisation are Raja Nawazish Ali, Raja Fakher Hayat, Fayaz Khan Torkheli, Malik Zubair Awan, Zahid Chohan, Amanat Ali Tarar and Shamrez Ahmad Dhakkar[4]


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