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Italian South Africans
Italy South Africa
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Johannesburg, Umkomaas, Cape Town other main city centres.
Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Italian Americans, Italian Canadians, Italian British, Italian Australians,


Greek South Africans, Portuguese South Africans

Italian South Africans (Italian: Italo-sudafricani) are South Africans who have full or partial Italian ancestry. They are primarily descended from Italians who emigrated to South Africa during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Language and religion[edit]

Most Italian South Africans, like other South Africans, are Christians. The majority of them are Roman Catholics although there is a Protestant minority.

All the remaining first-generation Italian South Africans speak Italian and also English or other South African languages as second language.

The Italian South Africans of the new generations are assimilated into South African society, and most of them speak mainly English as first language with a handful that speak Afrikaans and Zulu but still secondarily Italian (and sometimes French).

Notable Italian South Africans[edit]



  • Laurie Chiappini, Co-founder of Mr Price.[2]
  • Desmond Sacco, Chairman and Managing Director of Assore Limited, worth just over $1.4 billion.
  • Antonio Cimato, Chairman of Efficient Engineering.
  • Gianni Ravazzotti, Chairman and Founder of the Italtile and Chairman of Ceramic Industries Limited, net worth R2.9 Billion.[3][4][5]
  • Domenico Cioffi, Co-Founder of Mimmos Family Restaurants.[6]
  • Salvatore Osato, Co-founder of Antimo Foods, Europa and Fego Caffe.
  • Franco Osato, Co-founder of Antimo Foods, Europa and Fego Caffe.
  • Fabrizio Lencioni, Co-founder of Antimo Foods, Europa and Fego Caffe.
  • Mark Lamberti, Executive Officer of Transaction Capital,Director Council of South Africa, Executive Officer of IMPERIAL.[7][8][9]
  • Francesco Zanasi, Co-Founder of Primi Piatti Pizza Franchise.[10]
  • Franco Pisapia, Managing Director of Larimar Group and PUTCO buses.[11]

Radio & TV[edit]

  • Amor Vittone, Afrikaans singer and TV presenter (Italian father).[12]
  • Sasha Martinengo, Radio DJ, former 5FM radio DJ.[13]
  • Sade Giliberti, Actress, Voice Over Artist, former YoTv presenter (Italian father).[14][15]
  • Debora Patta , broadcast journalist and television producer.
  • Tullio Moneta , Actor.
  • Vittorio Leonardi ,South African stand-up comedian and actor.
  • Karin Giannone , South African-born BBC English television newsreader.



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