Palestinians in Jordan

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Palestinians in Jordan
Total population
(634,182 (Who do not hold Jordanian citizenship)[1] - 2,117,361 (Registered refugees) [2])
Regions with significant populations
Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Jerash and Balqa governorates
Islam and Christianity

Palestinians in Jordan refers to people with Palestinian citizenship of Palestinian refugee status living in Jordan or sometimes all those of full or partial Palestinian ancestry living in Jordan. Most Palestinian ancestors came to Jordan as Palestinian refugees between 1947 and 1967. Today, most Palestinians and their descendants in Jordan are fully naturalized, making Jordan the only Arab country to fully integrate the Palestinian refugees of 1948.

In Jordan, there is no official census data for how many inhabitants are Palestinians and it rather depends on the definition of who is a Palestinian.[3][4] In 2008, Minority Rights Group International estimated that about 3 million residing in Jordan have Palestinian origin.[4] Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics put their number at 3.24 million in 2009.[5] There are nearly 2.1 million registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan as of 2014. Around 370,000 live in ten refugee camps, with the biggest one being Baqa'a refugee camp with over 104,000 residents, followed by Amman New Camp (Wihdat) with over 51,500 residents.[6]

Palestinians are overwhelmingly concentrated in northern and central Jordan, specifically in the Amman Governorate, Zarqa Governorate and Irbid Governorate.[4]

Notable people[edit]

This is a list of Palestinian people in Jordan and people of Palestinian ancestry:

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