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Location Västergarns socken, Gotland
Type freshwater lake
Primary outflows Idå
Catchment area 20.48 km2 (7.91 sq mi)[1]
Basin countries Sweden
Surface area 0.272 km2 (0.105 sq mi)[2]
Shore length1 2.63 km (1.63 mi)[3]
Surface elevation 0 m (0 ft)[2]
Frozen winter
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
Paviken is located in Gotland
Position of Lake Paviken

Paviken is a lake near Västergarn on western Gotland, about 25 km (16 mi). The lake and its surroundings form the nature reserve Paviken, which is more populated by birds than any other reserve on the island. During spring and autumn it is a stop-over site for migratory birds, a total of 240 species has been observed in the area.[4]

During the Viking Age, Paviken was a cove connected to the Baltic Sea. It formed a natural harbour which was improved by jetties. These were built during the 8th century and were used for about 300 years until the harbour became too shallow, when the harbour and trade was moved to Västergarn.[4]


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