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The Phulkian States in a 1911 map of Punjab.

The Phulkian (or Phoolkian) sardars were Jat Sikh monarchs and aristocrats of the Punjab in India tracing their genealogy from the 12th century King of Jaisalmer, Rawal Jaisal and Yadu Bhatti Rajput of the Chandra Vanshi clan.

Eponym: The Phulkian States[edit]

The Phulka family had descended from the eponymous group, the Phul Brar,from whom descended the rulers of Patiala, Jind, Nabha as well as the chiefs of Bhadaur, Malaudh and Badrukhan and the Sardars of Juindan, Laudhgarh, Dyalpura, Rampura and Kot Duna. The early progenitors of the Phulka House were scions of the Rajput family of Jaisalmer who left their desert homes around the time of Rai Pithora and established themselves in Hisar, Sirsa and Bhatner. Maharaja Ala Singh of Patiala descended from Phul and to his genius must be ascribed the remarkable and rapid rise of the family in the first stages of its history.[1]

Common founder[edit]

Phul, a Sidhu Brar was the founder of this family.[citation needed] Phul's eldest son Tiloka was the ancestor of the Nabha, Jind and Badrukhan royal families and his second son Rama sired six sons and out of Dunna, Ala Singh and Bakhta sprang the princely states of Bhadaur, Patiala and Malaudh which were the most important of the Cis-Satluj States belonging to Phulkian Misl. Collaterally, the descendants of Phul were connected with the rulers of Faridkot, the extinct Kaithal family, and the feudatories of Arnauli, Jhumba, Saddhuwal, and, north of the Sutlej, Attari. These numerous branches of a vigorous stock belonged to the great Sidhu-Brar tribe, the most powerful Jat clan south of the Sutlej .[2]


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