Piața Constituției

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Piaţa Constituţiei, as seen from the balcony of the Palace of the Parliament.

Piața Constituției (Romanian for "Constitution Square"), also known as Palace Square, is one of the largest squares in the centre of Bucharest, Romania. The square is standing face-to-face with the Palace of the Parliament (biggest building in Europe) and it is bisected by the Bulevardul Unirii (Union Boulevard) and by the Bulevardul Libertății (Liberty Bvd.).[1] The square is one of the best places to organize concerts and parades of Bucharest. Yearly, the mayor of Bucharest organizes the New Year's Party in this square.[2]


Concerts in Constitution Square
Date Artist Tour Attendance
16 May 2010 Australia AC/DC Black Ice 55,000[3]
5 June 2010 England Elton John European Tour
7 May 2011 Colombia Shakira The Sun Comes Out 20,000[4]
6 June 2011 England Sting Symphonicity 10,000[5]
10 July 2011 United States Bon Jovi Live 50,000[6]
16 August 2012 United States Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball 35,000[7]
22 September 2012 Canada Leonard Cohen Old Ideas 15,000[8]
24 July 2013 England Iron Maiden Maiden England 15,000[9]
28 August 2013 England Roger Waters The Wall 50,000[10]
17 July 2015 England Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You Tour 60,000[11]
5 June 2015 Netherlands André Rieu Bucharest Tour (7-concert marathon) 84,000[12]
5 June 2016 United States Maroon 5 Maroon V Tour 25,000
11 June 2016 Netherlands André Rieu
21 June 2016 EnglandUnited States Queen + Adam Lambert Summer Festival Tour 40,000
29 July 2016 England Muse Drones World Tour 17,000
30 July 2016 England Iron Maiden The Book of Souls World Tour 25,000
14 August 2016 Barbados Rihanna ZUtopia Music Festival 50,000
15 August 2016 United States Steve Aoki ZUtopia Music Festival
17 August 2016 Australia Sia ZUtopia Music Festival
22 June 2017 Italy Andrea Bocelli


Coordinates: 44°25′38″N 26°05′30″E / 44.42722°N 26.09167°E / 44.42722; 26.09167