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Pique sauce

Pique is a Puerto Rican hot sauce made by steeping hot peppers in vinegar.[1] One popular variant is habanero peppers with Seville oranges.

Different types of Island ajíes picantes (hot peppers) will have varying amounts of heat, the hottest of all is the ají caballero.

Pique criollo[edit]

Pique criollo bottles for sale
Puerto Rican Pique Criollo

Pique criollo, also known as Pique boricua de botella or Puerto Rican Tabasco is a hot condiment used in Puerto Rican cooking. It is made of Cubanelle peppers, caballero hot peppers and/or habanero peppers, pineapple (skin or small pieces), vinegar, oregano, peppercorns, garlic and/or onions. Some people also add pineapple juice, citrus fruit, cilantro, culantro, sugar, cumin, rum or chocolate.


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