Playboy One

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Playboy One
Playboy one.PNG
LaunchedNovember 14 2005
ClosedOctober 2008
Owned byPlayboy Enterprises
Audience shareLess than 0.1% (February 2008, [1])
Sister channel(s)Playboy TV
Sky DigitalChannel 911

Playboy One was a free-to-air satellite television channel in the United Kingdom, the only permanently free-to-air television station operated by Playboy Enterprises.

The channel aimed to attract men to the pay-per-view Playboy TV, operating on the same satellite service. Despite a low profile, it steadily increased its ratings. As of the week ending 7 January 2007, BARB were quoting a weekly reach of 1,122,000 (2.5%)

The channel was replaced by the subscription-based Paul Raymond channel in October 2008 called Paul Raymond TV.

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